User ImageAs completely awesome as I am, I'm currently studying [Music]. That being said I'm in [my Junior] year. I am [Ryo Manaski], but you can refer to me as [Ryo or Sky].

My background involves [Lampir, though I have gone through my stage of death and have become the vampire that I am supposed to be.]. I came to this place because [I want to study in music. I was in my first year and I was a werewolf at the time. It's a little hard for a werewolf to go to public school. Now that I am a Vampire, it is even harder.]. Before that, I was [as stated before. I was a werewolf. There wasn't much in being a werewolf. I lived in a secluded town up in the mountains for many years. I look very young, only because I have turned. Or so to say, I hit puberty and matured. Unlike most vampires, I can walk in the daylight, of course I have an unaturally pale look. As Lampir you die a werewolf, but come back as a vampire with the ability to turn into a wolf at will, instead of being forced to change.

I like to keep to myself simply because I find people very untrustworthy; human and demon alike. I like to have the occasional midnight lover in the hopes that one day, eventually I'll find someone to keep to myself. Lampir are born like a human is. We have a mother and a Father. My father was the one that raised me. My mother died giving birth to me. Females remain dead after dieing as a werewolf. IF the cause is natural.

Fortunately I did not have any female lovers as a werewolf, so therefore I have no children. I may be a little older than most of the students in total years, but as a vampire I am purely a newborn. I have no clue what kind of abilities I am holding in this small body of mine. How I died is a complete mystery to me. I have no memory of it.].

Not that you need to know this, but my preference is [Curious Seke]. I'd much rather [have someone strong and highly dominant, but I can take someone who likes to switch it up. Haven't played the role of Seme yet, but I'd try it if the partner was right.] than [Ukes. I hate them, I can never find any that are willing to be dominant in their position. I can take them if they actually like playing a dominant Uke.].

I enjoy, [Music, playing either violin or piano, Reading music history under a tree or sleeping under it, mostly being alone, but having the occasional suitor or flirting male].

I detest, [All Ukes that are not dominant in some sort of way, people who know nothing about music, and cutesy people].

Please give me a chance to prove my amazing talents.