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In the City With no People there is someone just for me...

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It;s Friday.
Roux and I literally watched Anime until we went
to bed.. well I mean when he finally got up and online.
Which was way late but yea XD

That one Shojo is just Asdfghjm,I watched the firts 2 ep's
with Roux. He reacted the same way I did and we just totally
love them! Hhaha I don't even care that half the people I
wanna cosplay wear such simple outfits and is unlikely
that people will even know who we are.

I mean I still want to cosplay from Dengeki Daisy
Thats never been an Anime... And I honestly don't know
why D:

Well okay so it's not all out so apart of me is happy since they would
kill it once it caught up to the manga but bleh it's just to amazing.

Anyway so yea we watched that and then like... what 12 eps
of Eureka XD
So SAD AND HAPPY AND to many feels everywhere.
Lol Both roux and I are just constantly holding our breath while watching
it and doing these big exhales when the ep ends XD

It's awesome.

Wau I wanna watch more.
But I don't think Roux will be on and I only have like an hour
and half really.

Idk I kinda want to go to my moms tonight.
Thats the other reason i wanted to watch the show in the morning.

Idk I miss my grandmas house and want to be there. but I know I won't...
it keeps raining.. and I would have to take the buses by myself when it's darker out....
so I'm just ganna stay home.

Work work work on cosplay~
Gesso-ing my buttons. And painting the teeth for my hoodie
a little brighter. Then I gatta cut out the black and sew it
all together.... Need to black the bottom of my horns too
and attache them to my wig = x=
So I can make the holes in my hoodie.
Gatta make my teeth and shave some teeth for myself.
It's so boring and hand to concentrate doing this alone.

Added a Homestuck meet up thing on FB I want to hang out
with more people who do cosplay. And Well Homestucks
(except for Johns outfit) you have to make. So I want to hang out with
them XD Trade tips and stuff and help each other out and have
fun getting to know each other. Connections is key.

So many of those really awesome photo's of Homestucks are
their FRIENDS taking the pictures.
I need a cosplay group and actual dedicated cosplay group.
People who'll actually go all out and make cosplay and want to
do vids. But not just talk about them XD

I mean I'm getting more done with people I've never even met =x=

A Girl I met on Tumblr that is going to be hanging with me next Fanime
is totally down for my silly Ideas XD
I got really over excited and told her how I want to cosplay
for Christmas and she said it would be funny
to be Dave in an ugly sweater drinking hot cocoa.
I sorta blurted that we should do a photo set with each other
"receiving" an ugly sweater from Jade and Dave as Dave and Jade.
And than us drinking hot cocoa in them.
And she really said that would be a fun idea. I need to find my ugly sweater
still >w< A part of my wants to make my own XD
Cuz I am obsessed with this one I saw that was like $132 or something
but it had a cat with shades on, ice skating and it's just perfect! XD

So yea we live states apart but she's willing to be dumb and
make a photo set with me and I think it's ganna be awesome
hanging with her at Fanime. I know if she's outgoing at all
We will actually hang out with Homestucks Q wQ

I just wish I had a group like that here. I would wear my cosplay
so much more if there was anyone else to dress up with me...
Its been... hmm...5 years now. 5 years of cosplay and wanting
a group. People I know are to shy or not as into it. so I need to meet new

I mean not just homestucks. But it's pretty useless to make other
cosplay and again have no one to dress up with.
Not my thing really....
If I had a cosplay group it would really matter what it was
I would cosplay from it because I love
making them and dressing up.

Blah blah blah I hope I win Aradia's Giveaway her sewing skills
are to die for and she'll do a whole god tier for free... WAAAAAAAANNNNNT!

Yea Idk.

Oh yea Layla wanted to go to Great America tomorrow,
But Idk She's ganna be slow cuz she's preg. And not
going to go on ANY rides. I want to go on rides D:<

rawr rawr rawr

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