I got you and your sister when you were just babies. When i walked into the pet store ready to bring a mouse home, there you were with your sister following each other around by the wheel. Thats when I knew you would be my mouse.

On the way home i had yall in my lap inside your tiny "petco" box. Yall would not sit still, i could feel the tiny pitter-patter of your feet around the box. You were probably as excited as I was.

When i got yall home i began building your home. the whole family was there to meet you. Yall became impatient with how long it took us to build the cage, you were chewing the holes open and sticking your noses out to smell the new house.

Finally we got yall in the cage, you were running around it making your self at home.You seemed to love it. Thats when we were able to name you. Nestle you were my mouse. Very energetic and wanted to explore everything. Macchiato was angelas mouse. She was more gentle about exploring but loved to look around.

The next day i wanted to hold you, but you wouldnt come to my hand. I remember angela and i had to hold our hands in your cage for an hour a day until you got used to our scent.

I remember the first time i got to hold you. You were scared and i was terrified. "what if he doesnt like me? or what if i hurt him?" I didnt want to make a bad first impression. But you let me hold you and you were still at times. It became clear you loved being on the table more so you can run around.

I remember when you were in your ball you would run around so fast i lost track of you until i heard a "bang" in the kitchen. You had a thing for running into the oven as fast as you could to make that noise, just to let us know where you were. When someone walked by your ball you run full speed ahead trying to run over peoples feet. you are so silly nestle.

You began to love people more than tables... when you were on the coffee table i would put my foot up and you would run up onto my leg and over up my arm over my shoulder down my other are over to angela's legs and back to the table. like it was a huge race course. goodness you were nuts.

I remember once i was playing with you and macchiato on the floor... That was a huge mistake. I realized how fast you are. you disappeared right from under my nose. We panicked and moved all the couches and flipped the entire living room upside down looking for you. then from the other room i could hear my mother scream "oh my god!" we went running and found you walking out from under my moms bed. How in the world did you get all the way across the house without us seeing you? that was the last time i let you on the ground outside of your ball.

Remember when i would take you on walks with me to go get angela from the bus? you hated the sun, so i shielded your eyes from the light, but you loved the new smells of the outside world. when we waited at the bus stop you would sit in my lap and wait for angela to show up. when she got there you were all excited and when she held you you were running up and down her arms again. Silly mouse.

It tickled when you walked around on my tummy. and you make everyone laugh when you walk on the back of their neck. I know my pony tail is a rats nest but thats not a spot for you to sit mister! goodness.

Nestle you scared me when you started getting sniffles... i was scared i had done something wrong. i looked up on 10 different google sites looking for an answer. turns out all mice get respiratory problems. you were fine.

I remember that day. I tapped your hut to wake you up and see if you wanted to go with me to get angela from the bus. i knocked and knocked. and stuck my hand in your castle to see if youd sniff me.... i couldnt feel you in there.... I looked up and saw you laying there by your water. Time slowed down... i reached out and scooped you up. You were so cold.. My heart stopped...tears filled my eyes, i couldnt speak, i tried. I called for my brother. i called for my mom. You had died nestle. And i didnt notice until it was too late.. My world just lost its color.

I have to apologize for some things Nestle. Im sorry i had to move Macchiato to a new cage. She was getting sick and i didnt want you to catch it too. You were so sad, i didnt know what to do for you. Im sorry that i started paying attention to Macch more. It wasnt intentional. I was worried that it was almost her time to go, she was getting old. and you were fine. I am so sorry that i didnt noticed how much you have changed... i didnt notice when you stopped using your wheel. and i didnt noticed that you stopped eating as much as you used to... I didnt even notice that you stopped running up peoples arms. I am sorry that i didnt put you in your ball as much as i used to. I was so worried about macchiato that i didnt even consider you had gotten sick or depressed.

Nestle, I am sorry that I didnt even get to say goodbye.

I love you, more than a person could ever love a pet.

10/10/12- RIP Nestle. I will never forget how much you meant to me, my child.