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This peice of crap thing
I don't use it anymore. I'm almost embarrassed from the few entries I have in it.
Hey, Mr/Mrs/Ms. Teacher Man/Woman!
      I'm sure most people have that one teacher they just do not like. Maybe because they didn't actually teach you the lesson, maybe they're always crappy, b*tchy or mean to you or the whole class, maybe they teach you one thing then on the test it's something totally different, or maybe they're just way too nice and a push over (my seventh and eight grade teacher for example). Whatever the reasons we've all had teachers we haven't liked. For me it just seems to be my English teacher and I love English! Talk about messed up, right?
      In seventh and eighth grade I had female English teacher, Mrs. Fisher. Yep, that's her last name. A student in my grade at the same last name, but that's besides the point. Mrs. Fisher was nice, kind, somewhat understanding and a push over. She was actually too nice for me to handle and it got to the point of being annoying which most of my classmates agreed with me on. She always spoke in this too sweet tone of voice, always smiled, never yelled (from what I recall), and sometimes we all swore she didn't wear a bra.
      In tenth grade (last year) for the first part of the year or first trimester I had Mrs, Johnson. She was the best teacher. She was nice, understanding, funny and kind of laid back. Class was fun, she did say things that most teachers didn't (she asked for a sample of dialogue from a book and I found one and she read it to the class and it went, "******** your landlady!" but there could have been more), and she even let my friend turn in his paper the next trimester for credit! Sadly, my class was the worst and one day while my friends and I at the center table stayed quiet everyone else didn't shut up and she flipped out. Needless to say she transferred schools, but is greatly missed.
      For the remaining two trimesters of last year I had Mr. Wardelle (probably misspelled) whom was the worst teacher in history (not the subject, still on English)! He graded things like we were all in college. I was one of maybe five students in the class to get As on the first two papers in each trimester. He was a nice guy I suppose, but he was a horrible teacher at times. Notes consisted of copying down broken sentences that were highlighted. I'll use a vocabulary word from this year as an example:

      Sarcasm - From the Greek meaning "to tear flesh," sarcasm involves bitter, caustic language that is meant to hurt or ridicule someone or something. It may use irony as a device, but not all ironic statement are sarcastic, that is, intending to ridicule. When well done, sarcasm can be witty and insightful; when poorly done, it's simple cruel.

      Anything in orange we will say is highlighted because yellow is hard to read. Now imagine that maybe . . . four or five times worse with a full page that you need to copy what's highlighted on the projection screen then suddenly it's gone because the man moves to fast plus he won't go back. Get what I'm talking about?
      Currently, my teachers name is Mrs. Larson and not many people like her. She's a perfectionist when if comes to grading half the time (as in if it's not perfect or damn near close it's below an A), when she tries to help and explain something she makes matters worse, and she's just almost too nice and annoying that I want to rip her throat out. Other than her I like my teachers.
      Well, that's my little rant I guess. If you want to feel free to share about your teachers if you have had or have any bad ones. If you'd like me to reply just quote me or ask me to. PMs and replies to this are welcome.

      Don't hate just 'cause you don't like.
      If I can delete a hateful or mean comment I will.

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