(I had already planned on explaining days ago before my friends attacked my profile so this isn't freshly created because of the comment abuse : D) User ImageMy friends and I all insult each other, because we are blunt, and we care about each other. That’s how our relationships are like. It’s heart shattering and heartwarming~* Insults or honesty out of love...or for fun for the Hitachiin brothers. Even Haruhi insults us and we, or I, insult her back. When we’re worried about her extremely poor wealth, we’ll offend her in the process. Check out chapter 9 page 5 and 6. It’s the manga for episode 8 and it’s slightly different than the episode. I never hesitate to insult my friends because I’m blunt and furious. My fellow club members, and Ranka, are annoying but kind. My sons, if they go too far, they have stopped and apologized. I’m not 100% bullied.

So even if I’m “tired” from the concentrated abuse and from yelling too much, even if I lose my patience, if I’m in bad mood crying in the corner, if I take a break from replying to calm down, it doesn’t look like it, but I’m really enjoying my time with you guys!

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(I apologize if I appear rude and unappealing as a suitor~!
I’m different around my friends than around princesses.)