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In the City With no People there is someone just for me...

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Cute Anime!
So cute so cute so cute!!!
Right now all shojo makes me super happy.

Roux is always very loving. But there are times
I feel so lame because he just takes it to
another level and I'm left speechless
and all I can keep saying is I love you XD
Haha like last night when I was saying goodnight, and he called
me. And professed his love for me. He kept going
on and on and I could hear his mom in the background
laughing about it. He kept saying. "How did I get so
lucky. Not only do I have the nicest girlfriend, but also
the most beautiful!" It sounded so loud >w<
And when i skype with him and his friends want to see
me, they say I'm cute and he just sorta perks up and
says "I know right!?" He called me his princess,
his soulmate and the girl he wants to marry....
I just asdfghj!

I will admit to being a little down for a while.
When he's going through a hard time I get sad.
But also I am teaching myself I need to be strong
for me so I am able to do anything. It's made me feel
like I'm not showing enough to him. But he doesn't
seem to take it in a bad way. He understand and
in place of my absence of... I guess kindness, he has
been working to supply himself. Working himself
for himself for his wants.

Of course it didn't stop me from getting flustered when he said a
large part of it... to try and work on his things
was for me. That he wants to be able to fully give
back all the love and kindness I have shown him.
That it's what I deserve and what he hopes to

It's weird sometimes I'll just sit there and think about how often I
think about him. How nearly every moment is filled with
"I wish he were here to feel what i feel." I think about
if he thinks about me just as much.
I remind myself I'm probably an obsessive person when it comes to
love. When I have my eyes and heart set on someone.
I am consumed by them. And now and then he'll just burst how
about something he did, said or thought. And
I guess I'm not so weird, or maybe we're both just weirdly
obsessed with one another...

He was at the mall the other day. Just looking at things.
Looking at rings. I've crossed countless stores and peaked
in when no one is watching. I'm far to nervous to
let someone help me out and actually look look.

But he did. He talked with the lady there. Talked about
himself and me. And the women talked about herself
and her own partner. He even made a friend with her.
And has the ladies personal number.

I've crossed countless stores and peaked inside.
Thought about him looking at the same things I look
at. And he does. I am just not there to see it.

He talks about me I know, far more than I think
I believe him to.

I guess he also talked to his mom about me and him
and our future. It was just wonderful to know.

Im just in a really good mood right now.
Just sorta floating I guess.

Haha the only other news I have is
Damn i think SAO is actually popular. DX
I really stopped caring for the anime.
It's weird cuz I love shojo-y stuff but
it was just TO predictable for me and the wrong
kind of fluff D:

But it's popular and that Means I wanna draw for it.
I've tired to watching the anime's I'd like to make prints
for but I don't feel like watching that one.
But now I am stuck about who to draw. Bleh D:
Tumblr never fails me. I guess I should see
the Big OTP's and fav characters.
Other other news, Common I need like....
33 more followers and than i shall do a giveaway of some type!
Prob art but thats okay, it'll be good promotion >:3

I think Im ganna watch Princess Jellyfish OP
and smile until Roux gets on so I can force him to
watch the Anime I started haha XD
Boo new anime's though, only 2 ep's are out but Idgaf!
I literally I mean actually literally blush...for the whole episode
and squealed. I was beyond lame watching it XD

I'm going to draw them. That is pretty much set for me.
I just want to see a little more to get the best expressions
and such down in my brain. But Maybe a sketch later today won't
hurt to get into practice.

Dude...all my prints are ganna be like Homestuck, Sailormoon
and than just freakin slice of life cute freakin shojo stuff
Im'a draw all the school uniforms ALL OF THEM!

I also want to change my avi... but once Im on tektek all
I can think of is how close can I make my avi look
like a homestuck character XD
Hmm it's fall. I should do something fall. oh wait Halloween
daaaamnniiit! I always fail at the event and have to
buy the jack'd stuff after DX

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