All right. Today, this little Emo/Scene/Punk/Goth-like style is gettin' out of hand. I mean yes, Scene girls are hot as hell (some) I don't know theres something exotic and different about their style. But the emotional problems.. God. It seems like some of the nicest girls and the most carefree ones somehow, adopt this style, and take it to the extremes. I'm sorry b***h, but I used to be your friend but don't bring me into your relationship problems. The guy you "love" hates you with a passion because you shot him down god knows how many times. HE DOESN'T CARE ANYMORE LET IT THE ******** GO!! My god, she won't shut the ******** up about it! Oh and the best part. She goes through guys like she goes through a box of condoms (if you get my meaning here). FAST. If she wants to settle down with someone, don't continue doing what you're doing, be carefree once again. And I've tried dating you when all you've said is, "Nobody likes me! I'm forever alone!!" Yeah. You shot me down. Each time. Don't ******** tell me nobody likes you. Because they do, you are just set on the guy you'll never be with. GET THE ******** OVER IT!