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New Face team '98 part 1
A new year begins, and everyone felt safe after sealing Orochi away and everything came back to it's normal, and everyone went home safely. But no one ever wondered if the Orochi New Face Team have survived, no one wanted to think about what happened before. But they're still alive and will live again!
Somewhere in a building. A young man who's knows as Yashiro Nanakase, was playing his guitar, turning wild while feeling the beat, he abruptly stopped when he heard something coming from his right side and looked calmly. Outside of the building, a bunch of youths playing in the basketball court. Their ball hit against the basket and being thrown away in a long distance, and stopped rolling next to a young boy...Chris!
Man: Hey! Kid! Give that ball to us! ...Or you'll be in a big trouble!
Chris glared at them and carried the ball with one hand.
Chris: Kid? Call me that way....and you'll have a bad day!
Chris threw the ball to shoot it from his spot, and one of the players wondered "Have a bad day, is he serious or something? How come he'll make it in a long distance and he's short? .....He shot it!
Chris made it, which made all of them get surprised and shocked in their places.
Man: He made it! How come?! He looks a bit familiar...is he?
The players left the basketball court, and didn't dare to face Chris. Chris walked inside the building and searched around the room to find the music room, and stood in front of he door.
Chris: (He's here for sure. He was training for a while!)
After few seconds, Chris started to awkwardly think of what Yashiro will say if he comes in. "Chris, not now!" "We'll talk about it later!" "Not today!" "I don't have time!" Chris knocked the door, and waited for few seconds, still, Yashiro didn't answer. Chris stood alone feeling stupid by standing there all of the time.
Chris: (Why isn't he answering or opening the door? Fine, I'll see it to myself!)
Chris opened the door strongly, and found Yashing sitting there, wiping his guitar.
Yashiro: I heard you knocking the door, you could've opened it without waiting. What do you want? Asking about the concert?
Chris: Yes! And you're not supposed to be here alone!
Yashiro: I don't have much to do, that's why I'm here. Your question is about the concert, eh?
Chris: Forget about it! We should be training together now!
Yashiro: Shermie's not going to train with us this time!
Chris: Not...going to train?!
Yashiro stood up leaving his guitar confronting Chris, who looked up to Yashiro.
Yashiro: Our rock n' roll concert will be okay without her training with us anyway! Just do whatever you want!
Chris: Not now!
Yashiro: It's over already, you can't force me to let her train with us! Conversation's over!
Chris: What do you mean she'll not train?
Yashiro ignored Chris for one more time, and approached the door to get out from the room. Chris quickly distracted him.
Chris: Hey! What happened? There's something wrong is she's not going to train with us!
Yashiro angrily turned back and stated that Shermie will not train this time, and it's something that does not concern Chris at all. Yashiro slammed the door, leaving Chris alone, who stood in front of the door in depression, lowered his head and narrowed his eyes.
Chris: (Why is he mad like that? What's the reason he doesn't want to tell me the problem?)
Chris walked out of the building, and walked alone depressed, unaware that a gang was walking behind him. One of the gang members noticed that Chris is alone and no one is with him, and informed the leader.
Man: He's alone and no one's with him. We better go to plan B.
Leader: Hmm! That'll be a good shot if we surprise him! She'll be happy about that!
While Yashiro walked out of the building, schoolgirls saw him and walked behind him, whispering to each other.
Girl1: Hey, isn't that Yashiro Nanakase, who leads a popular band and travels around the world?
Girl2: Yes! This is so awesome to see a famous celebrity walking around like that!
Yashiro stopped in his place and heard running footsteps coming towards him and turned.
Yashiro: Again! (He looks mad this time.)
Chris: You're going to pay for it! Better tell me or you'll see something not good!
Yashiro: Shut up! I told you enough already!
Yashiro turned, leaving Chris alone again. Questions started to hit Chris' head and walked to an alley angrily, his aura blew away everything in front of him. A cat was inside the alley, was about to run away but was blown away, by Chris' mysterious dark aura.

To be continued.

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