I must be going insane.... I have to be. I've been in this school for what feels like days yet there is no sun, or moon, or even stars.... just darkness and rain.

Sad thing is I used to find rainfall relaxing to listen to,... Now it's more of a reminder that i'm stuck in this place

Was I here a day? two days? a week? I don't know. the only thing i'm sure of is i'm tired, hungry and thirsty. I actually had to stop searching for my friends so I could look for something to keep me going. I've seen more bodies than I've cared to witness, all in different states of decay and I keep hearing voices between the thunder.... of children crying and pleading for help.

and a while ago I could have sworn I saw a child in a red dress across a big drop in the middle of the hallway...
I know I would have lost it long ago if it wasn't for my book and pen to write in to keep me sane..... at least if I get these thoughts out of my head I don't need to worry about it driving me mad... well, I hope it works