Name: Jeff Higashi II
Aliases: The Demon, Jeff
Race: Human
Date of Birth: January 3, 1984
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Fighter
Mode of Combat: Brawling/Martial Arts
Known Relatives: Kira (brother, whereabouts unknown)
Affiliation: Leviathan Stadium, Fighters' Haven.


Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Charcoal gray, shadowed
Hair: Black, cropped close to the skull
Complexion: Varies with seasons
Blood Type: Unknown
Age: 26


Compact, muscular frame. He has a densely muscular, wiry, agile frame with little body fat percentage. Triangular features; thin, long, frowning mouth; thick jaw; big nose, slightly blunted, swollen, twisted somewhat to the right; cauliflower ears. Incisors are large, sharpened like a Shark's tooth.

Major scars: "x" slash along the brim of his jawline, thin scar extending from the right corner of his mouth.

Clothes vary. Casual, cheap, rugged; he usually bursts or destroys them in combat. Uniform consists of a rough blu jacket, fitted bluejeans, broad sword hoisted unto his back, tan feet wraps and black gloves.


Dangerous attitude, obstinacy, responsibility, reciprocality. Can be mad, violent, and cruel, but other times deliberate and wise. He lives by his own moral code; shows mercy to those he feels deserve it. Displays some of the best human traits and some of the worst. Usually stoic demeanor, but is prone to uncontrolled fits of berserk rage, one part product of his hatred, one part side effect of his powers.

He is a human war machine, adapted to his environment like all organisms, his niche being the Gaian battlefield. Battle seems to be the axiom on which his existence is based; he was born for it. Has a natural attraction toward "great" warriors, often seeking them out to fight them himself.


(( Coming soon. ))


Broadsword; A fairly cumbersome weapon; the blade made of adamantium and the hilt of steel. Magnetically, through kinetic energy and attraction, Jeff maintains an easier grip on the weapon; almost never losing his grip.

Bone Dagger; A compact bone dagger he used to kill man; slaughters his adversary with this dagger.

    When it comes to hand-to-hand engagements, he likes to elbow and knee his opponents.

    Rive the Skeletal Frame
    Like most Gaians, Jeff was born with certain innate abilities, his most notable and main offensive weapon being the ability to manipulate his body's bone content. He may harden the density of his bones beyond that of steel. He is able to form spikes or talons of bone either on the knuckles as an offensive weapon or all over the body as defensive "quills." He may also cause bone spikes to protrude from his knees, elbows, and from his thorax as a bone spike "trap" to both catch and repel opponents. The bone spikes can vary anywhere from two feet to three and a half feet, depending on the amount of energy assessed.

    Serpentine Vision
    Acquired by drinking the blood of a serpent. Grants Jeff the ability to see through dense, solid objects and the body into the skeletal system. It also grants him the ability to "lock-on" his target, almost never leaving losing his/her location on the field of battle.

    Nature of the Serpent
    Ability to expel water similar to that of a fire truck water pump from his mouth. Obtained from eating the heart of a sea serpent. The force behind it is -- three fourths-- as strong as a fire truck water pump, shooting out between 700-950 psi. However, the more he implements into the attack, the more his body weakens.

    Energy Blast
    Ability to expel various forms of energy from the body. The forms of energy vary from an exorbitant sphere to a high-energy constructed beam, or even small bits of energy; mostly appearing as a beam of some sort.

    Emission of raw power. He violently ejects his energy in material form, from projectiles to waves, or blasts it through mediums, leaving air distorted or objects twisted. Also enhances attacks like punches and kicks. Bigger charge, more damage. Strains his body, but he finds it easier to channel his energy.