I really ******** hate doing an arts degree. It's so ******** tedious. I mean, I could just do whatever the ******** is required of me in the industry, but noo, I have to do all this other s**t that is totally irrelevant. ******** hell.

So here I am, night before the portfolio is due, and I'm tired, and so ******** sick of it all. ******** hell, I'm distracting myself from the task at hand, but I'm too ******** tired to deal with this s**t. ******** degrees, who needs them anyway.

But only one more week left of Semester. Get tomorrow over with, 3 last assessments: all in the one ******** class.
Test, portfolio and presentation.

Then after that, I have an essay and a media portfolio due on Monday. FAKING HELL!
And another essay and 2 dossiers on the Friday after.

******** procrastinating tendencies of me. (Which is what I am doing right now. At this very moment.)

But I guess it's my own fault for leaving it all to the last minute...
Oh well. No wonder so many people freaking drop out. This s**t's ********.