Yeah.. I'm slightly new. I mean I knew about the site and browsed it some. But never actually joined. Which OBVIOUSLY i did now. (mainly because my friend Jessica covinced me other wise). So yeah. Hmmmm, don't know what else to really say. I'm a furry, I'm Kind weird but pretty cool i suppose. I'm an okay writer, I'm not the BEST. But I'm pretty dang good and stories and such. I'm a comic book artist. I will NOT be on all the time. But I will try to be on here as much as i can. If you have ANY questions simply ask me. I may or may not answer them. ESPECIALLY if they are really stupid. lol

Also, I would like to know how to get my fursona on here. Would anyone mind telling me how to do so? YES, I know I have to pay for it. Thanks in advance!