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Stories and books
Storyes and books I'm either starting or have finished.
Aot part 4
(As promised, part 4, again 20+ views and part 5 will be put up.)

A week had passed, it got a bit warmer as the days slowly moved towards spring. Steven had gotten Rachel into his school, he was able to hack the school computers and creat a false account for Rachel, They had the same classes, and it seemed to work out good. Rachel addapted quickly, she had moved with Steven closely, to the point were she followed him everywhere like a puppy. She would normaly be seen with one hand clanching the back of his shirt. She fit in with his group of friends just fine. Everything seemed to be working out normally. She had started in the Jumpstyle group and was learning fairly fast. She wasn't in the videos just in case the people at the research lab were watchign and come get her. But other then that, no one remembered the news on her, which made it really easy on Steven with out trying to come up with somethingout of the blue. The glowing blue tattoo of a music note wasn't seen, it glowed only dimly unless Rachel wasn't feeling to good or was scared.

"Rachel, how are you doing on your work so far?" Steven asked on their way home from school. "Oh its ok, I learned all of this before I was 10. This is simple." She replied from behind him. "Thats good, so its been a bit easy for us latly don't you think? I feel like something is about to happen and its getting close to when I think it will happen. But I'm not totally sure." Steven said sighing to him self knowing this would make it harder on the both of them. "Yeah I know. Its going to happen soon. Most likely tonight. Its going to be big, but I don't think its really going to affect us directly." "How so?" Steven asked. "I don't know, I can't sense it very well. I think, once I escaped I let out some lab exparmints.... Nasty ones too." She replied in a giddy voice. "Why are you so happy about that?" "Because that will keep the lab guys from searching for us for a bit." "Thats true..." Steven sighed opening the door for her and walked in. He had set up a bed in the computer room were he would sleep. He walked in putting his back next to the computer table. Rachel sat down on the sofa yawning. "School was boring today... We didn't do anything fun." "Well school isn't all about fun, its about learning, and your only there so I can keep and eye on you." "Yeah I know. I just wish something new would go on." Rachel slouched down on the couch turning the tv on and pulling up some reality tv show. Steven sat down next to her and she laid her head down in his lap. If someone didn't know about them, they would think that those two were either close brother and sister, or boyfriend and girlfriend. Which was ok with Steven since Rachel was the only girl he had any romote intrest in. Soon she had fallen asleep on his lap and Steven had tarted reading a book. It was aboput 7:30, almost dinner time. Steven pulled up a pillow and laied her head down on it and then walked to the kitchen starting to boil water and grabed some noodles down from the top of the fridge. As he started to make spaghetti and meat balls. Once done he gently shook Rachel awake and sat her down at the table and begain to eat.

After dinner Rachel and Steven took showers and were getting ready for bed when scratching at the door turned Stevens attenion to it. he opened the door to see a pure white wolf. But on its tail was another glowing music note. "Woah?" "Oh thats one exparment, they tool my DNA and put in her." The wolf stepped in and walked into Stevens bed room laying down on his bed. "..... What?" Steven scratched the back of his head. "I think you just got a new pet." Rachel giggled. "But thats not the one I let out... The one I let out was huge, it stood 10 feet, it was a human but he was a monster too, he was un nataruly strong and fast and had a huge anger problem." Rachel said making Steven shiver. "And we are going to have to deal with that?" "Yup." "Great..." He turned on the news to comfrimed what she said. There was attacks and murders of people being pulled apart, building tumbling to the ground. All of this happening close to their school. "Oh my....." Steven sighed. "I think I'm going to get creamed..." He sat down on the couch and looked at Rachel. "I don't even know about the powers you gave me." "Neither do I." "Oh this is great..." Steven sighed and yawned. "I think I'm going to bed. Don't stay up too late, we still have school tomorrow." "Yeah yeah." Steven walked to his room and laied down on the bed. the wolf laied next to him. "I'll call you... Knight." Steven smiled when Knight licked his cheek with approval.

Small part this time, part 5 after 20+ views on this one. Later!

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