Adam Crane
- “Adam” after the manmade creation of God
- “Crain” after the machine that grabs items in a game with a claw, or the crane

• A teenager who grows up not knowing what he wants to be, because his parents weren’t really there for him
• He tries out several things in his multiple careers and fancies art, or the creation of visual images
• From wanting to be many things, he pretends to be several people at one time, multiple personality disorder
• He turns that into a very psychedelic reason for him to become a killer for the pleasure of absorbing who his victims used to be
• In other words, whoever he kills; he becomes
• He searches for males whom fit his description so it will take less work to cover up each murder
• If someone catches on, he quickly, “disposes” of them


• Shoulder-length, black, messy hair
• Around six feet tall
• Tan complexion
• Beaming blue eyes
• A fit nose and chin
• Pleasing to the ladies’ eyes.
• Loves wearing plaid shirts with long sleeves
• Average “boy” jeans are fine with Adam
• Converse shoes and boots are the only shoes that he will wear, aside from what his victims wear daily
• He has an upside-down cross necklace that hangs low from his neck
• He wraps a chain around his wrist
• He usually has a conceited smirk on his face and suspicious eyes.