He's always watching...He has no eyes. There is no escape. No, no, no, no, no, no, no....

In light of the latest computer game craze that's been around for a few months now, I bring you my insomnia fueled review of Slender: The Eight Pages.

You are in a confined forest area blocked off by chain link fencing. Your object is to search the area for 8 pages on the various landmarks and not the generic trees. Landmarks inside of this zone there are trucks, a bathroom like building, and several large fuel tanks amongst several more. However there is a catch, it's night and pitch black, your only illumination comes from a flashlight with a small illuminated range and limited amount of battery life.

It is a first person, single player game. The controls are simple, run around with WASD, scan the area with your mouse, clicking to pick up a page, shift to run (though you have a limited stamina), and F to turn off your flash light. Every odd page changes the ambience slightly in terms of adding sound such as an ominous tone playing, thunderous footsteps, loud wind, etc. Over all the controls are simple, it's easy to pick up, and you'll be running like hell in minutes.

Oh and I forgot to mention that there is a "man" also in the area called the Slender Man, out to kill you through insanity. Slender Man, or Slender, is a man in a business suit with white faceless head, long arms, and tentacle appendages. He will start to appear once you collect your first page or after about 4 minutes. He will appear a certain distance from you and constantly move closer to you until he catches you or teleports. He'll teleport within a certain range of you (as far as possible) and will shorten the teleporting distance each page you collect or longer you don't find a page. He can do an insta-kill warp if you do not see him once in a while so it's optimal to glance at him every now and then. He is also attracted to light and sound so mostly walking and keeping the flashlight off often will decrease the chances of him getting you.

Your health is an invisible sanity gauge. Upon making visual contact with Slender or being in close proximity with him causes your sanity to decrease, represented as static. Too much visual contact or exposure to his presence results in a game over in which you see a close up of his "face" blurred slightly by static. The closer he is to you, the faster your sanity will decrease. You can restore sanity by looking away and running away from him.

I will add that there is no happy ending for getting all 8 pages in the main game. You still die in the end. However upon getting the 8 pages you unlock daytime mode, where the flashlight is not needed and it's much easier to play (but he can still be found) and you still have to find the 8 pages. If you beat daytime mode, you'll unlock $20 mode in which, rather than the screeching tone upon seeing him, you'll hear the song "Give me $20" instead, which is extremely funny.

Nonny's rating: 8/10: Maybe it's my innate fear of this game now, but I love the adrenaline rush from playing it. Despite the fear and shock value, you'll end up playing it over and over, despite lacking a legitimate ending. If you play it all I can say is good luck sleeping tonight.

Tips: The bathroom is the first place you should check while Slender is not present because the building is full of corners and single entrance rooms, perfect places for him to trap you once your page count is high or your playing time is high.

Keep in mind, also, to never ever look behind you and never go to the fence.

Other than that, there is no real strategy to beat the game as the difficulty skyrockets as time elapses or the more pages you collect. You'll have to think fast...and be extremely lucky.