■▫ ★Art Info:
            ↘The s**t you should know when you commission me for art, you should really read this before you even think about asking me for art. :> You've been warned, can't complain and don't say I never told you so haha.

            ★Paid For s**t:
            ↘I am willing to do many things really and try out things that I haven't done before. Don't think I will turn you down because of your request, it'll probably be because of the low a** offer you give me for doing it that will make me turn it down.

            ↘I take my time when doing art. I could take from 3 hour to 3 weeks. You can ask me about it but know this, if you become an annoyance I lose interest and don't want to draw you anymore. This usually ends with me taking more than a month or canceling the request.

            ↘I do take items instead of pure if it's worth the amount. I also take gold and items together.

            ↘If I turn you down once doesn't mean I will turn you down again at a later time. I have times where I just don't want to draw anything .__. and spend my days watching Netflix or playing Borderlands 2 (add me on the 360 ;D Gamer tag: SterioMonster )

            ↘I do have main account business and that is usually priority even if I'm not on my main account most of the time :> I go in order I receive trades and I usually start with my main account.

            *Like stated before: I go in order I receive the trade, is someone orders after you but sends trade first I will do theirs first. I only skip for higher pay outs js.

            ★Art Trades?
            ↘YES, I do art trades :] Pm me with your samples and what you want and we can talk if I'm interested. Especially depending on what you are willing to draw for me in return ;D
            ↘You draw for me and I will usually draw you right back if you ask for it ;D especially if it's one of my Oc's you draw -w -
            ↘If I think your art isn't the best I will draw what I can to make an equal picture.
            -You make a stick figure = I make a stick figure.
            -Sketchy doodle = Sketchy doodle. Get it :]

            ↘Yes, I do freebies quite often.
            ↘No, I will not give you a freebie if you pm me asking for one :> I will ignore you. If you really want a freebie find my threads and post in them -v -
            ↘I don't owe you s**t if I said I might in a freebies thread. It's my choice, I'm not getting paid it's not priority to me at all.
            ↘I make many threads :> and usually leave them when I am done, I do go back and draw people from previous threads though if I don't really feel like making a new thread.
            ↘Post in all my threads and I will probably draw you eventually -v - depending on the style will depend on what I'm really looking for at the time.

            Q: Can I have a freebie of this/my current avi? (sent via pm)
            A: No. I only do freebies in the Art Freebie forum.

            Q: OMG Where is my art? I ordered from you yesterday where is it?
            A: I am working on it. Depending on when you placed the order and sent trade will depend on when you will be getting your art. If you can't wait I will cancel the order if you prefer it.

            Q: Why did you cancel my trade?
            A: I am either currently to busy and can no longer full fill your request and/or I have lost complete interest in doing a commission for you at that price. In the end I decided to drop it rather than make you wait any longer for something I might not do.

            Q: I drew you this picture, draw me back now! (with a crappy doodle stick figure)
            A: No. You didn't ask for an art trade I am not obliged to draw you back, sorry. (Unless it is not a crappy drawing than I will gladly draw back for you)

            ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====
            ★↘If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to pm me, comment on my profile, on this entry, or quote me in one of my threads. I will do my best to answer you back.