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On a little corner there was a plain little shop that hundreds of people walked by everyday. There was no sign, there was no open door. Many assumed that the shop was closed or vacant. In truth it was open but only to those who already knew what services it provided.

In one of the cages Fatima languished. She sighed as she stared at the desolate creatures around her. Many were mindless just waiting for orders to be obeyed. Others were insane, the captivity finally breaking them. She wondered which fate was worse. However she was not like these pathetic creatures. She was smarter...stronger.

She whimpered softly as if in pain as she tugged on the chains. She knew men well. All succubi did. They wanted sex...and they wanted to feel strong. Some rich owner would come in and 'rescue' her. She would play along until she got home. And then they would realize who was really the master.