Does anyone know what Rage Quit is? Not the act of rage quitting, but the online series on YouTube by RoosterTeeth with Micheal "Rage Quit" Jones getting mad at a number of video games?

Because if so, math is my Rage Quit. >.> I found myself yelling at the math program a number of times. sweatdrop

Also, I had a problem with figuring out a problem. I couldn't THINK about where to begin, much less solve it. I called my mom in, and without hesitation, told me what she thinks would solve it, and BAM. She was right. She wasn't even sure it would work. xD

Anyways, I'm all done with math homework! I just hope we don't have any group projects tomorrow. I HATE those. I mean, I'm glad I'm not doing all the presenting since it's group work (and I hate presenting alone more than ANYTHING) but my group in math infuriates me. Not just the whole group, but one woman makes my life so miserable in that group that I've come to hate the whole thing!