You are nothing but a pest.. A mere fly on the wall. Buzzing and cleaning.. Planning what you shall do next. I trusted you and you betrayed that trust. You are nothing to me. I am the flyswatter to your head. I will make it pop like never before. You are the ants swarming the ground, feeding off of anything that is edible. I am the man that comes along and picked you up only to be bitten and stung. I threw you down and raised my foot. You are insignificant to me further. You have no use to me. You are the small ant beneath the leather and rubber of my Boot. I will crush you into oblivion never to see the light of day again. Your blood will cover your body. You will never feel love again. Once a cheater always a cheater. Go ahead, marry your boyfriend of two days, I'll be watching. And I'll be waiting until you fall. Just to laugh. Once you crawl from the ocean to reach salvation. You'll be met with the sole of my boot, kicking you back down.. Feeding you to the hungry sharks of the abyss of darkness.