I dreamt of being a younger blond woman with luscious long hair. It was my pride and joy. I wasn't allowed much else. I was being sent to a boarding school soon. When I was told that I locked myself in the bathroom and smashed all the mirrors. All of them, probably worth somewhere in the hundreds of dollars if not more. I knew the dress code would have me cut most of my hair off. I argued, cried and pleaded for this not to happen. I finally did come out and the head mistress looked at me in a way I did not like. A look of pure enjoyment, knowing she would be breaking my spirit soon.

My dream cut itself off and went to the next point. My hair was short, it looked like it had been hacked off. I was sitting on an old couch and wearing old pink socks. The head mistress looked at me and said "I hate those socks, because they suit you well." They were old, raggedy and barely functioning, but they still had so much life in them. And I think that's what she meant.