Guess what me & my friends said that we would all bring some snacks when we were going to watch something cause the snacks that were going to be servied there are to high so I got some Skittles and some Candy Corn and guess what...... I was the only one who brought snacks neutral I was like Woo hold up

I don't get that when people said they will do stuff just because of the heat of the moment and then when they try to go do it they think oh no I could get in trouble confused o well I stil share my snacks that was too much for me to eat on my own

Though really if you say your going to do something just do it and if your not going to do it be quiet

Also why do moive thaeters snacks prices so high an way. We have to pay like a ten or more bucks to get the stupid ticket then you have to pay five dollars for half a bag of Skittle and the other half air greedy scream @$$hole$ . Biggest rip off every its easier just to bring your own but you have to be smart with how you hide it some people don't care & leave you be but others there will try to stop you that happen to one of my friends once told her if you're bring a big purse at least match the stupid thing stare