This is me!
Take a note
: Follow the pulse of the Earth. It will always lead you Home

My Physical Info

I Was Born As: Wynn Rh'bell
But You May Call Me: Wynn
I’m The Creature Known As: Fay
In Case You Can’t Tell, I’m: Girl
Been Around For: 23 Years
My Real Form: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
My Best Friend(s): Staff and Small Daggers

My Personal Info

I Chase After : Whoever cares for me, generally Boys
People tell me I am:
Quite and reserved.
Caring of everything natural, even demons or vampires.
Fun to be around, but very annoying when grouchy.
Life Story:
Wynn's mother was taken as a captive by one of the higher-up demon for use in her own private menagerie of 'interesting creatures'. When Wynn was born, she, too, had to be a part of the show. As she grew older, her master fell out of favor with the city's hierarchy and was forced to sell out Wynn and other servant-level people in the household to less...savory...tasks to keep up appearances for herself.
Wynn has not had a gentle life.
Even as war rages and the world crashes around her, she is still sworn to her adoptive family. She sides with noone but the Lady who keeps her name as property.

My Puppet Master!

Puppet Master: firelord65
My Blood Runs : Dark Green