I'm looking at those journal entries from the days when life was a little easier and my spelling was horrible. I miss the days when my biggest concern was coming onto this website and getting as much gold as I could before my mom kicked me off the computer. Things change.
I'm nineteen now. I have felt the realness of first love, and I have felt the sting of a tattered heart. I have done things I said I would never do. I have dissapointed my parents, but I have also made them proud. I graduated high school, and I work now. Almost all of my money is going towards post-secondary education.
Things got harder. I've gotten older.
Yet, those two things don't merge together; contrary to what I was taught. Maturity doesn't make anything easier. Being older does not equal out to being able to handle situations in a more refined fashion. I find that many adults now are immature, myself included.
I suppose that's all for now.