I dreamt I was walking through a meeting and they needed an extra person. They were having a large dragon puppet thing so I picked up a stick and helped out. Everyone seemed very pleased and I was about to leave when I was stopped. I was asked if I wanted to be in Gifts and Promotions. I accepted, and they explained that I'd be put on a cruise in the next day to help out with promoting the business.

I also dreamt that someone wanted to be friends with me. I felt they wanted a "YesMan" Friend, who would think they would do no wrong. So I didn't say yes, I just said I'd be honest. He got rather mad because I think he just wanted to brainwash the girl that it was a good decision.

I also think I dreamt of my friend Octy. But I can't remember what we were doing...


Took a nap.

My parents and I were planning a small birthday celebration for my sister. We were at a very nice restaurant and 2 of her friends showed up before she did. I ended up ordering a salad but hated the choice later when I saw all the good meat everyone else had ordered. It was good though. My sister didn't show up until the very end. And when she did she seemed happy. I told her the ferrets were in the garage. And so she grabbed them, and I took Honey for a while. It seemed like she had extra legs attached and they kept popping up out of nowhere.

I walked back to my sister's room, and her friends were falling asleep. She looked at me rather sad and said, "You know she barely even wanted to come. I had to beg Nathan to show up and then she wouldn't shut up about him." It was sad... "He was going to go to six flags, but she didn't even seem to want to go to six flags..." It seemed like such a slap in the face. I didn't really know what to do.