Okay...I really can't believe it's almost been a year since I've wrote in this blog..that's crazy...and sadly not much has changed. Besides me maybe. I haven't had internet at my house so that's the biggest reason why I haven't been on here in a while.

But just to update: My friend/room mate I talked about before are good. I think we just get on each other's nerves and I've realized she's more of a sister/friend.

Still don't have a job but a friend of mine said her work was hiring, so maybe that will work out if I can find rides. I also got my first tattoo finally! A couple months ago..it's on my left ankle..an infinity symbol with a heart and the word music..so basically it means "Love music forever" I drew up the rough draft of it. It's a pretty simple tattoo- just the way I wanted it! biggrin I can't wait for more!

My grandmother passed away this year too. cry

and I'm not really looking forward to the 15th of April. Bio dad gets out of prison. mad
But hopefully my 21st birthday will be entertaining.. I really have no idea what else to write. But next time I'm on I'll fill you in! wink