So... I find myself using NPCs (Non-Player or Not a Priority Character) from time to time to get things going. Here is where I shall list their profiles. These characters are public domain and may be used by all provided they do not conflict with existing incarnations of said characters, and of course you reference where you originally acquired the profile from. Blank profile format at the bottom, in case you feel the need to create your own NPCs

If I post an NPC character in a thread, he/she is fair game. Just let me know before controlling them so I can approve and we don't have multiple people posting the same character.



Name: Gilderoy Lochdart
Age Group: Young adult
Race/sex Human Male
Physical Appearance: Average height and build, athletically slim. Jade green hair (dyed), hazel irises. Nondescript facial features. Sloped shoulders. Dresses in greys and browns with pastel accents.
Personality: Gilder is a fairly bubbly, metropolitan young man. He abhors violence but understands that it exists in a world no matter how modern or primitive. Openly homosexual and has a tendency to hide behind the biggest muscles in the event of a fight. Good listener. Loves flowers.
Signature Behavior: Curtsies instead of bowing when appropriate. Always polite in his speech.
Signature Possession: Bright fluorescent pink notepad.
Combat Role: Civilian or bystander. Doesn't know how to fight beyond 'universal fight plan'.


Name: Azriel Damiente
Age Group: Apparent - Young Adult. Actual age unknown.
Race/Sex: Daishi-Nosferatu Male.
Physical Appearance: Azriel is pale and lanky, but do not ever confuse his lank for weakness. He primarily dresses in hues of blues, almost always in what could be considered 'formal' clothing in modern day, rewind a few hundred years ago and it's just daily clothing. Frequently seen with seemingly decorative Spanish rapier at his belt.
Personality: Azriel is a warm, charming person. Excellent conversationalist and popular at parties. He comes from a very old high society family. He is very loyal to said family, and has a reputation for putting the security of that family first. Even if the Family does not really consider him a part of it any longer.
Signature Behavior: Despite being very polite, he is somewhat aloof. Never shakes hands, never bows more than his head slightly to anyone.
Signature Possessions: A lapis lazuli brooch that is always in his possession. It is inscribed with a negative of the Family crest, so that he may use it as a stamp on wax seals. Azriel also carries with him everywhere a walking stick that is in fact an antique custom rifle.
Combat Role: Azriel is classically trained in several forms of fencing, as well as an expert long range marksman. He is classified as an 'Aggressive Tactician'.

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