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Review 1 Final Fantasy 10
Yes yes I know this is a fairly old game for this time and age with the Xbox 360 and PS3 and so on and so on, but I like this game so much that I still play it today. I mean I'm going through the effort of maxing the stats, gaining all the characters to max. I mean come on.

Now some people don't like tha gameplay for the turn base fight style, but to me that just adds to the strategetic feeling of the final fantasy games. Trying to figure out what you have to do before the next monster phase, or backing the characters with spells such as protect and shell. Its very intresting to see how it works out, and with new creatures being created in the monster arena after you capture other creatures, it makes things just that much more fun. I put alot of time in getting enough stat spheres for making the max stat sphere grid for each character, and I still haven't finished and I've played for 3 days trying to do so. I mean I'v ehad help with my dad giving me some advice on how to do something but other then that its really hard trying to form a plan to do something like beat the Jumbo Flan for its +4 Magic spheres since it is immune to phiscal attacks, and ince he has 1,300,000 health and my strongest magic attack only gives me about 35000 points of damge even after grabing the first play through of the sphere grid and only having a 158 magic power, mixed with double cast it will take me around 17 turns to actually beat it. and it only gives you two spheres, and you need atlest 60 of them, and I even go above that to have 75 of each stat sphere. This game is a very time consuming game if you are out to actually get everything and see everything in the game along with the main storyline. The only thing I dis-like about the game is the blitzball crap, you have no idea how bad I rage at playing it just to get Wakkas Attack Reels. Grr! I have broken controls over that. But all and all, the gameplay is pretty great taking in everything and to consider the time period it was made in, I give the gameplay a 4.5 stars.

This game to others who haven't played say it looks nerdy, stupid, and the alike, but if you get into the game it self you see that is so emotional, exciting, funny, and intense that I nearly cryed at the end of the game. I have put alot of time in the game and the storyline adds to the fun of the gameplay, I mean just look at the characters back grounds in the story. Not to mention that people can even see them selfs in some of the characters, like me for example, Tidus and I have the Father problem all down. Then add the fact you can learn some life lessons in some of the scenes. The storyline gets a 5 star from me.

So from my point of view, and my time in the game, I give this game a 9.5, and one of my top games. Hope you liked this review and go out and find the game and play it aswell. More reviews, game strategys, and many more to come.

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