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I'll tell you what is going on in my mind. You can either choose to run away or read each train wreck with a small grin. Your decision.
Okay, first off.
I'm gonna sigh and you're gonna sigh.
And after we both sigh we are going to deal with life.
Okay, ready?
Now, before I get started with dealing with life, I'm going to express how much
I am not tired of this.
Please don't assume I'm angry, because I'm not.
So excuse my late reply as I was enjoying a nice tomato sliced tuna sandwich
for the 5 straight days I've been on but not replying.
Once again I am not tired of this.
Please don't assume I'm angry, because I'm not.
It's life, and about as shitty as it get's even the pet peeves annoy more than the most difficult.
I would most humbly thank you for finding me interesting.
Now, if I could find a p***s that told me that then we could be the bests of mates.
But that's not how the world is...It's a ******** ***** that wants my nads..
Don't you feel unAmerican sometimes? Hell I feel it a lot. I sometimes get scared that I'm doing it all wrong.
But then I look at television and the celebrities and say to myself, "******** doing ******** Fantastic, suck it mittens!"
haha..a fail political joke..
Ugh, I'm so ******** tired of complaining about it. I'm tired of whining to you, or Trevon, or my Xbox live friends, or Marcus, or Ishmael, or anybody I come in contact with about Stacey.
I wish she'd just ******** do something about this.
And people tell me I need to do something.
Wtf why?!

I wonder if that Trevon(ithoughthisnamewasTREVOR?) still lives near me...I should drive to his house because he lives next to my other bud..
off topic thought.
Did you ever think about isolation? Or is this situation haunting you in your own home, like literally you see Stacey in you closet making out with her bloddy ipod. Just a thought.
Or are you the type of person that is more "I'm here first b***h, deal with it." than letting a problem "drive" you away. Just another thought.
It's not eating me alive, but it's eating at you...so yeah.
There are roles that are being played here and options you all can take. Your only option is to "deal" with Stacey or not. You can't
force her to wake up or not, then we wouldn't have denial...and Trump would accept the fault of not having hair, Kanye would accept the fact that he's not that great, and Jennifer Anni-bitchy would understand that she is unknowingly lesbian and she actually hates men (Reason for Brad) and that she totally has the hots for Angelina Jolie.
Ew...I named people.
Part two:
haha...ishmael..hmm mustache? tall? braces?
My ***** are tingling
I skipped a lot of replying to certain sections because...I would be repeating the same thing so too much wordy.
I have to laugh... didn't know she was the type...to now spell s**t right. I thought she would be ...
correct, but another thing assumed wrong. I hate people that have intros and .... love and baby s**t just bleeds out of it.
Its in no way mature for that matter... please tell my ' to stay the ******** away from my its
But really...Do I need to wake up early. Hop in my gram's van. Drive to King and slap every single ******** there like ricochet bobbleheads
until understanding pours out their brains. YOU CAN'T DO IT ALL! If you were a ******** super hero, you would be branded.
But yet, you are not. Just like the rest of those humans. If they think something needs to be done, ********! They should do it.
Grow some cojones and do something about it dickweeds if its bitchin' you.
You may lose a few people here and there, once again that's life.
The real people would understand deal with s**t and stick with you all the way.
The fakes would take your petty advice as abuse and flee from their chance at reality...
I no longer make sense...so...
Don't let them force you into a problem you can't do anything about.
But don't get abused by Stacey's puberty hormones either.

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