This is my commission for x-Beautiful---Delusions-x gaia_crown I wish there were more romance-comedy anime like Ouran Host Club. I need new series to watch with the CheChe.


Request: Full-body, colored chibi couple art.

Reference Pic: Best single art of her features
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Both again (might stretch page when opened x_x)
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Preferences: They're almost always bickering, and he typically wins, so possibly have him be smirking and her blushing about something?

Text: N/A (Can I get back to you on this if it's accepted? Dx)

Price Total: 305k + Tip (TBD)

TBD for tip is because I usually tip based on how much I enjoy the art. So if possible, don't accept my trade until after I see the art~? I don't want to jip you your tip. D:

And I have to go, so this was slightly rushed; just let me know if it's accepted since it's part OC and part fanart. If not, I'll simply submit the OC in a single form. :3


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