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As the exotic court music floated through the air Jasmine smiled as she gracefully spun and danced to the beat. Her skirts seemed to float around her like wings as her dainty feet barely touched the floor. She had worked hard to perfect her skills. She had not been brought up in this life of luxury and she was determined to never loose it.

She moved her dance closer to the royal family, the King and Queen were in attendance along with the heir to the kingdom. She smirked to herself as she slyly moved a small vial to her fingers from the inside of her sleeve. She waited until her aim would not fail and let the liquid it contained loose. She watched as it splashed into the eyes of one of the Royals. They would do doubt think it a drop from someone's drink or an eyelash. But inside it was the most potent love potion.

She knew they had all been watching her when she released the potion so as she finished her dance she bowed elegantly and waited in her private chambers. Wondering which Royal her spell had ensnared.