Fenris and Aoshi had arrived to the far east, hours after departing. The land here was nothing but mountains. All of the mountains where covered by snow, far off some of the other mountains where covered in green. Looking around he slowly began shaking, the cold wind bitting into him. He was surprised when Fenris handed him a fur linned coat, slipping it on he didnt remember seeing Fenris bring these.
"Fur?" Aosi asked lifting a brow in question.
"Come now, its fake. Just because its not real fur, doesnt mean its not warm and t looks good." Fenris replied with a grin as the landed on what appeared to be a platform.
"If I may, where exactly are we?" Aoshi asked as Fenris brother, Magyar, changed from his giant bird to his human body, his eyes a bright grey his hair different shades of red with stripes of gold and light brown running down it. Pushing his hari back he stretched, his bones cracking into place as Fenris handed him a coat similar to his.
"We are at a vampire nation." Magyar replied before someone in all white walked in behind them. Turning around Aoshi was surprised at what Magyar had said, he has never heard of another vampire nation, he was even more surprised as the figuere in white inclined his head and motioned for htem to follow him.
Fenris, MAgyar and Aoshi did so with out asking questions, the walls of a giant building began appearing, the walls a dark grey color when a pair of giant double doors appeared infront of them. Opening them up the figuere in white stepped aside and let them enter first, doing so the cold was suddenly cut off as an unexpected warmth enveloped them all.
Looking up Aoshi noticed that they had entered a giant castle. "IT has been a long time" the figuere in white said, muffled by all of his cloathing and scarf he had on
he was removing htem as two others dressed in white closed the doors behind him.
Aoshi had to fight the urge to let his mouth fall open as the person in white finished removing his clothing, ended up being a woman who was dressed in black leathers with a dark purple corset and combat boots.
"Mr. Fenris Mr. Magyar. We have missed you" the female said in a thick accent as her fangs flashed proving that shw as a vampire.
"Come here my leach" Fenris said as the female smiled and tackled him in a hug.
"You have grown older, your hair looks to be graying" Magyar said jokingly as he played with her hair and Fenris patted her head.
ALl the while Aoshi was shocked speachless, "Who is this?" the female asked lookign at Aoshi the moment Fenris put her down.
"Hes my newest worker Aoshi. We came to speak with your king" Fenris replied the female gave him a slight bow of the head "Very well then, you follow me. My King is at the hall in the moment" the female said motioning over her shoulder once more walking deeper into the castle.