I feel like I have to write in here every month, as if it actually keeps this account alive. Kuro is dead. Gaia is dead (for me). I dunno. Maybe I should just quit. But I know I won't. Something always brings me back to this account. Meeeemories. And that one chic dating that one friend of mine. Just in case she needs something, at least I'll be here to answer.

I guess I mainly come online for that one friend of mine. ^ u ^ The last time I came online was late at night and we were both online. We talked for a little while, but we don't really talk anymore. He said he was going to sleep. It makes me feel like he doesn't want to talk to me. ; 3 ; Ever since he got that girlfriend, it's like I don't exist. He does this every time he gets a girlfriend. u n u I'll just wait until they break up- not that I'm hoping. I dunnooo.