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"So..." Nessa purred as she looked down into her mirror. It showed her the royal family that she had previously worked for. "They think their shiny guards enough to protect them from my power?" If she were in a better mood she would have been amused at their ignorance. Now it only served her needs.

She let out a slow stream of smoke as she studied the face of them. There were four from her to choose from but it was always so difficult to decide. There was the King...he was the ruler of the Kingdom, the one with the most power, and probably the one who had gotten rid of her in the first place. He was frightened of her gifts and rightly so.

Her focus changed to the Queen, beautiful, regal...she would be an interesting choice for her was very possible.

Then came the Prince and the close in age and both young and innocent. She smirked eyes any of them would do. She closed her eyes and cast a spell. The one with the most darkness in their hearts would appear and they would be her target for revenge.