So tomorrow is my birthday!! blaugh

Actually, I wasn't very excited. I didn't remember at all until someone told me happy birthday in advance. I was confused, and then I realized, wow. eek

I'm turning another year older tomorrow!! I guess that's a good thing! 4laugh

This morning, it was moderately cold. Not surprised much. What did bother me somewhat was how my group of close friends just abandoned me.

Ah, yeah guys. That was totally cool, y'know. I don't mind waiting for the school bell with another group or something. sweatdrop

See, at my school, everyone knows everyone.


We're such a small school, but it's a considerably homey environment. heart
Everyone could be considered "friends," but friends in our school group up. I'm in my own little group, though I could travel all around the groups. I find it entertaining how stiff someone can be when they rely on a group too much. xp Don't get me wrong, having a group of friends is good. It's great, actually, but the more there is, the merrier.

SO ANYWAY!! Back to this morning. I was chilling with the Filipinas (a group of Filipino girls in my class) and I didn't understand a thing. sweatdrop

Ah, how restricting language barriers can be. crying

And stuff happened. arrow arrow

*bell rings*
*I enter school*
*go to my locker*


So my closer group of friend decorated my locker. They only had seven minutes, but I'm glad they spared the effort anyways.

So to my close friends, you should know who you are, thanks times a million!

In St. Monica, it is somewhat of a tradition for friends to decorate lockers for birthdays. This does quite a few things.
1. It shows the consideration towards the birthday person, like a present, I suppose.
2. It publicly, and quietly, announces your birthday to the whole school. This makes it so that even people who you don't know well say happy birthday to you.
3. It's just plain nice, being greeted by such kind words every time I visit my locker.

So yeah. I've realized I'm saying the word "so" quite a bit, and I apologize for my lack of vocabulary. Honestly, I think it's just a force of habit. razz

I actually got so many birthday greetings today. THANK GOD no one remembered to do birthday beats, when you punch someone on their birthday. One punch per year of age.

Though technically, it's not my birthday yet. It's tomorrow. Heh.

I did a lot today. I feel really tired right now too. Just because my friends did that to my locker, I'm really happy, even still.

Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday today!!

..even though it is tomorrow..

And thank you to my readers! 3nodding

Oh, and by the way, if you were curious, my friends did everything a day in advance because I won't be seeing anyone from school tomorrow, since it's a weekend. Also, I'll be out of town for two days. Speaking of that, I probably won't write an entry tomorrow. If I do, it might not be very long... so... yeah. Bye byes! Oh, and goodnights if it's night where you are. biggrin