been in the dorm by myself since 6. and I'm totally okay with it~~ ^^

took an insanely long shower after finishing off another chapter while watching some weird show (nothing on TV is good tonight... murgh) about giant yard sales.

so dorm is warm now. yayness!

of course, it helps to have a scorching shower and burrowing under blankets while doing homework.

shift this morning was uneventful. finished up the questions for SIX HR chapters, and did the seventh at the beginning of my second shift. Lunch inbetween was fun, and afterwards had insanely delicious bars with some peeps I wish I connected with more.

then back to the dorm to find my roommate's twin older brothers attempting to operate my iron and less-than-ideal board to fix their groomsmen shirts for a wedding tonight. xD neither of them had ever operated an iron before, so needless to say, it was quite entertaining.

was invited to go to a movie with them, but declined b/c I'd have to leave to go to work halfway through. so i took a nap for an hour before heading out.

and I guess it's okay now to recruit your girlfriend and family to help with stuff you're supposed to have done already. rolleyes I was on edge all through the shift because ALL THESE PEOPLE starting coming in and just... DOING STUFF. I figured out really fast why they were there, but their presence just unnerved me for some reason.

I like my job of peace and quiet. Had I known there were going to be more people there that haven't already seen me at my worst (two other guys that work at the station have popped in at less an opportune times on weekends... but they're used to it haha), I would've showered and thought about putting on some makeup.

seriously, I didn't have a trace of anything on my face, and my hair was pulled into a bun with a TON of frizzies and run-aways everywhere. half of it wasn't even in the bun. for my purposes, it worked.

but not for display.

also, a reminder would be nice. got an email saying "By the way, we took out your $1000+ tuition payment today from your bank account."


thankfully Mother was on top of it and had the money it so I wouldn't be overdrawn. I'm sad that her new weekend job is essentially what's paying for my college education right now. gonk that's not right.

so, yeah. Lots yet to accomplish. I'm pretty much on track with where I want to be... let's keep it that way. :]