Okay. So I escaped carbaryl poisoning. At least I think I did. I stayed up really late reading about it, trying to find out how long it would be until we could declare Bella and me safe from symptoms. I read that it's usually an acute poisoning, and acute poisonings don't last super long. (one thing said that you can administer atropine, but many cases get better just from metabolism before the person reaches a place to administer the atropine)
It's metabolized in the liver and passes out of the body within 24-48 to 72 hours. It's also pretty fast acting, so if you're going to be sick, you'll feel it within an hour - if it's serious enough.

Bella's right next to me. She likes to curl up next to ya to sleep. So her butt is right against my hip. She's having dreams - because her little stub tail is wiggling a bit. It's tickley.

OH NAUSEA. Yeah. So dad and I got take out from the usual place. I have been getting a fish sandwich almost every week since March.
Why March? That's when I got that really awful, barf-you-life-away stomach virus. I remember we had roast and mashed potatoes for dinner. I ate a lot. gonk And I got sick that night during the night when everyone was asleep.
But the next day, they had gone to the bridal shower, and came back with take out from our usual place. They'd gotten cheesesteaks, and my grandmother's had onions on it. The whole house REEKED. It made me nauseated all over again.
So I don't associate roast and potatoes with being sick, I associate the onion smell (and to some extent our take out place) with that time I was sick.
So before March I used to order a gyro. I can't anymore.
Every time I think about eating a gyro, I feel it's nasty, like associating it with being sick in March even though I hadn't eaten one prior to that virus.

So I ate a gyro tonight thinking.. if it doesn't have onions, maybe it'll be ok. It's silly for me to associate a food with feeling sick, especially a food that wasn't even present when it happened.

I ate it, and I was okay a few bites, but then it grew. This nausea grew. I couldn't finish the last couple bites. I couldn't even swallow what was in my mouth. I just felt like vomiting. So I spit out that bite, and ate the fries. The fries gave me no trouble. With the gyro out of sight, I was okay. Though I'm still nauseated. I got a ginger ale. It's helping some.

This food aversion thing is messed up.