Might as well find somewhere to pour out your guststuffs.

Life sucks. I don't think it was ever really meant to be good. Or, at least, it wasn't meant to be good to me. I was born average with, probably, above-average expectations. That being said, nothing can make me truly happy. I'm fat. I'm miserable. I hate the way my neck looks when I lean back. The Cupid's bow of my lips is off center. My legs look stupid at all times. My knees are even big. Who the f*ck has big knees?! My eyebrows are never even. I keep breaking out. Stretch marks on my hips piss me off. A new mark was found under my armpit and that was absolutely lovely. My shoulders are too wide. My arms are fat. I hate how stubby my fingers have been looking. I hate my toes. I hate the size of my feet. I hate the look of my ankles. I hate my gut. I hate how my boobs look without a bra. My hair is just a catastrophe that I can't fix. f*ck f*cking cowlicks. I hate how my nose looks. I hate how small my lips look on my face.

I hate. I hate. I hate. I hate. I hate. I hate. I hate. I hate.

I hate how f*cking much I f*cking hate everything.
I hate my job and I hate the fact that I wasted a school semester to get a certificate for this job that I loathe. I hate that every day people come up to yell at me if not only for the sheer fact that I'm the woman at the "front desk" when they can't see the doctor. I hate my doctor sometimes. I hate that after working all day I can't just sit down and relax. It's always "Go do this. Go do that." I hate this. I hate that. I hate that I can't just sit down and have a normal dinner at a normal table with normal parents. I hate that I'm constantly questioned because of how much I eat. i hate how much I eat. I hate being hungry and having to eat. I hate myself. I hate you. I hate how absolutely beautiful my best friend is and how repulsive I look when I stand next to her. I hate that this entire f*cking passage reminds me of something out of a manga. I hate how other people always look so f*cking happy. I hate how they don't hate quite like I do. I hate hating them. I hate hating love. I love hating hate. But holy sh*t, do I hate.