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Blue's Idea Recorder
Jackie Boy
She's waiting at the entrance to the alleyway.
What she's selling is all to obvious with her overly exposed decolletage and sheer gown.
Her garish makeup attest to the fact that maybe one day she had been a nubile youth, beautiful even until time and stress had taken their toll.
She's prime.
I want her.
Need her.
Must have her,
Must dominate her.
Walking up, I lower my head slightly, the jingle of payment in my pockets.
No words are exchanged.
But I'm excited beyond belief as she begins to lead the way into the alley.
My heart is racing and I feel the familiar beads of sweat gather on my brow.
My hands ache intensely.
Sometime, I remove my coat. It will be messy.
As she reaches the end of the alleyway, I make my move quickly.
Wrapping my hands around her throat, I feel the shock as it reverberates through her body.
In an instant, she tried to scream, but I swiftly cut off her air, squeezing with all my might as I slam her body into the wall, trapping her between it and my own.
Her arms begin to flail; her hands try to find me, claw at me, get out.
The panic is satisfying.
It's as good as if I had taken her physically.
Now I am taking her soul.
She is slowly losing herself.
Cracking her head against the wall,I let her body fall to the floor.
She moans, disoriented, unsure of what is happening.
Maybe she has been saved.
Kneeling over her body, I reveal my knife.
My sweet.
She longs for this whore's blood.
She whispers her excitement in my ear.
I shudder as the woman becomes aware once more and screams.
It sounds like a banshee in the night.
But full of terror and horror.
I revel in it.
No one will come for her.
They're all in their homes and don't care about her safety.
She is naught but dirt to them.
I am swift.
Slashing, I smile, lick my lips as the blood spurts out.
It's hot and staining.
My sweet, she is in ecstasy.
We both are.
The girl claws at my chest as blood spills from her, the life leaving her body.
She's fading again.
This time permanently.
I watch with hunger.
This is the moment.
Everything I wanted in this evening.
The fear in her eyes.
The gasping breaths as blood mixes with the air.
She exhales one last time and I take a shuddering deep breath.
I close my eyes, my hands resting at my sides on the cold cobblestone.
I have her now.
That tortured confused look.
The screams.
Her soul.
Opening my eyes, I look down, taking in the dead corpse.
Her aged, once gorgeous face frozen in time.
Eyes wide and mouth open, the blood congealing in her neck.
Standing, I wipe my sweet's filth off on the woman's dress, putting her back into her resting spot.
Walking backwards a couple steps, I take in the scene, the mental picture being added to my collection.
Smiling, I turn, picking up my coat and putting it back on as I make my way out of the alley.
I adjusted it once and began to make my way home.
The lights in the street were low.
Fog picking up as the chill of the evening set in.
A few miles away, I am about to reach my home when a wisp of a girl catches my eye, turning down an alleyway with a man.
Pausing, I smile.
Again, the hunt is on.

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