Ah, guys, I knew I haven't written for two days. cry

Well, to you, it might not seem that bad since by the time anyone read the previous entry, this one would be submitted already. Anyways, it felt like a long time to me. emo

The reason for that is I have caught a horrible cold. I actually don't know if it's just a cold, but oh wells. sweatdrop

Two days ago (was it two days? I think it was more, but I can't remember), I was doing some back stretches. I like to keep myself strong, flexible, smart and talented. It's a lot to aspire to, but I try anyways. So here I was, stretching. Now, I haven't been stretching lately, and I noticed my flexibility go down. I decided to test my back, just because.

I was laying question with my legs on my bed, and my upper body hanging off, being supported by my arms. I then did a few push-ups, because it felt appropriate. 4laugh And I started studying in this position. My arms starting getting tired, so I lowered myself to the ground. Now, my back was being arched, backwards. At first, I was like, 'kay cool. I'll just stretch like this.

A bit of time passed, and I realized I couldn't really get up again. xd

And then my back arched more and more. Being the type of person I am, I arched my back more to see if I could touch my head with my toes. Of course I could normally, but not that day. That day, I was stuck. eek

I don't know how I did it, but I got out of my pose, and stood up.

BOOM. HEAD RUSH. stressed

I had this GIGANTIC head rush, you know, when the blood just rushes into your head type of thing?

It went away when I looked down, but I couldn't do much staring at the floor.

I decided to go to sleep. Ever since school started, I've been pulling all-nighters almost regularly. On the day I got a head rush, I went to sleep at midnight, which, to me at least, is really early. I just couldn't stand the pain, so I slept.

The next day, I woke up with the same head rush. I thought it was a head rush at first, but now, it was more like a headache.

You know how head rushes last only a few seconds? I had a headache that felt like the most painful part of a head rush, except prolonged.

Thanks again, Aurora, if you ever read this, for giving me Advil. Honestly, I would have called home otherwise. 4laugh

So after my headache went away, I thought I was okay. When I got home, I started working, and I realized I was feeling, uh, not well, I suppose. talk2hand

I started sniffling a LOT, and sneezing too. The school day that came after (which was yesterday) was horrible. I had a volleyball game. Yesterday, near the afternoon, I started sniffling, and sneezing, and coughing. Holy geez. confused

And, to my classmate, sorry if I was being disruptive! sad I couldn't help it.

So the game began after school. I realized I couldn't hear. Already, I couldn't smell or breath through my nose. On the ride to the opponent school, I had lost two of my five senses.

During the game, my school got whooped. LOL, it was.. meh. I don't want to make it seem worse than it was.

When I was put on court, I noticed I couldn't really focus on anything. Like, I could still see, and there where still blurred spots in the distance due to my impaired vision. Usually, I would be able to read and analyse things. I wasn't able to identify the difference between things. Everything seemed to have the same level of importance, so I couldn't pay attention to anything.

I'll try to explain..? sweatdrop When you look around, at least one thing will catch you eye. For that moment, be it long of short, when you're looking at something, that something is of the utmost importance to your eyes. Your eyes would feel the need to observe the thing before moving on. Yesterday, I was unable to do this.

So there. I may as well consider my hearing, smell, and sight good as gone. gonk

I got home yesterday feeling absolutely horrible. I had a headache again, though it was more mild this time. I noticed everything was cold.

My sister also mentioned something about it being cold, so I thought it really was cold. However, when I decided to take a shower, I couldn't tell the temperature of the water very well. confused

At first, I put on warm water. I filled the tub a bit, and stepped in. At first, I thought I needed to turn the water dial more to the hot side, so I did. For a few seconds, it was warm, even though I turned it to the hottest option, and then it felt cold to me. My glasses still fogged though, so it must have been warm? And my skin turned red too. It just felt... cold. Everything felt cold yesterday.

Oh, and yes, I do shower with my glasses on. Problem? It's because my imagination scares me when I take off my glasses. With just my eyes, I can only see colours blurred into other colours. There is no definite shape nor lines, so it's a bit hard to identify things. Things that can't be identified might as well be imagined. My imagination, however, scares me.

So anyway, taking a shower in water, unknowing of the temperature.. It feels pretty weird, to be honest, since I already lost my hearing, smell, sight, and now even touch.

And then yesterday night, after the shower, I was a bit hungry. I went to get a bag of chips, because well, it's convenient. I COULDN'T EVEN TASTE THE FREAKING CHIPS. evil

Today, I looked a lot worse, and I was sniffling a lot more. I was feeling a lot better though. Whatever illness I had yesterday turned off all my senses. It was like I was being completely cut of by the world. Today I was able to taste and feel temperatures again. Let me tell you, a life without taste is horrible. And so is not being able to feel warmth.

Because today was, as stated previously, better, I was able to write another entry. blaugh

Sorry if it wasn't the most interesting entry. Heck, none of my entries are all that interesting, but eh. I appreciate being able to express myself. Because everyone can access it, I feel that I'm not keeping anything bottles up. Even though no one probably reads this, everyone can, and that's what keeps me up. 3nodding

So as always, unless I forget one day, thanks for reading, and goodnight if it's nighttime. wink