poetry from me kitsu

gaia_angelleft When your tears fall its because of happiness, let the notes play with you along your journey,let the staff be your road and strum to it don't be afraid create a one person orchestra with only you and your voice,heart,power,and instruments.

Winding and turn your road map is complex and eccentric unlike others who stay in the staff you go below and above to the area's where the best are.
seeing your creation come alive bring life to you.dancing as long as you live.

But as the song ends so does your life from forte to piano soon calming the crowd as you conduct slower and easier

You age with the song from a bright new born to a brittle old being but something picks up your second wind let it take you it in its wondeross colors spinning and twirling rose petals, dancing leaves , and singing notes

And here is where your song ends the strings play at a soft yet high notes slowly strumming them the woodwinds play the hole notes easing the foundation to a nice calm flat area the tuba's and low brass move like hills and trees of different sizes around your grave and your grand piano your soul plays by its self now in a solo til his notes run out and everything is still. gaia_nitemareright



the days he is there and we talk for ours i feel light as if no gravity was pulling me down. Tall be an inch isn't enough but i can cope he is my best friend and no matter what i'll support him.

He explains things to me in a new way sometimes in a way that is wonderful or a way the is very upsetting. I'd wish he'd give more in our friendship just to see what it's like to have friend like that.

When we laugh its because of the jokes we share many have said that we are cute but we are nothing and i can't get that point across so i let them believe what they want.

the day he wishes to see me be me may never come, he can't i wont it'll change everything.

In the real world things are scary and i always take caution but here where everything is pixels im not afraid to be me.Soon i will express who i truely am in the real world even if i fall i'll stand i'll try and try again no matter how many of them may say i am weak or i can't complete a simple task. I will try.

So many have cut me down almost everyday but soon i will rise and i will fly . spreading my wings across the plain. nothing no nothing will clip my wings i am beautiful, kind, and most importantly worthy.

and to who ever reads this you are to. Never ,Never let something some one put you down! You are who you are and nothing will change that



life as if someone is bigger or better is a life we all live in our strengths and our weaknesses they always challenge us making us all special never think other wise.

when you are called weird or creep you are out of that comfort zone and out of the box that cause cliques when outside in the true world you see, this is you an only you.

days you feel as if they are right that you are to abnormal, hear and mark my words there is no normality only you and who you are challenge your self and become different and enjoy it

i know for many years you think maybe i am to weird and different an very creepy your negativity effects everyone around you for once do not be conceited and think of others switch the words "Weird","Different,and "Creepy" with "special," unique" "bold" turn the negative into positive for others.

Life is tough an most just deal with it but for some just dealing with it is nearly impossible, Some may say " grow up you baby" or" tough luck kid figure it out on you own thats what you did." DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! You find some one willing to tutor and help you with baby steps all the way to sprinting

You are special, unique, bold and beautiful.....


The nights are brisk the ground is filled with whites grey and blues rolling hills of snow. Lights strung along house to house, mechanical rain dear dance in place to and frow. Such beauty for someting fake.

Help from friends

If i rest, fear strikes and i believe i'll never wake up.
Darkness lurks around me.
My tiny soul that has a bright but small light cannot fend them off alone.
But i must stand and fight alone,
Tonight I'm alive, alert, and ready to fight.
Once i make a single movement as an attack i am surrounded.
Scared i realized my mistake.
You cant be alone and you cant do everything o your own. I regret this as my last thought.
But wait!
My friends pull me out of the dangers
"stay here you've done enough" they said
fighting for me helping me in my time in need i thank them
when its over i cry but tears of happiness because even when i didnt want their help i needed it and now i realize i need my friends.

1/ 18/13
so many...

so many lie
so many love
so many lose
so many gain
so many regret themselves and shove people away
so many forget who the truly are
so many emotions they can't handle, it's overwhelming
so many times we lose battles because we have had doubt in what we can do
Not anymore
we take risks
we take people in
we believe in ourselves and how our strength helps us sadly though they're
So many characters that mean nothing too you but everything too me.

Heart to heart

heart to heart our words seem soft, down to the woods where our loved ones lost
Washed away by the river this day our woes are gone
Let us lay as children this day.
Filled to the brim with Glee and gay for our loved ones sane and safe within our arms.
Our hugs warm us and for ever may


Resting of the angels

The light of this angel guide us through horrid dreams
Pleas save us to night. Shine as our children quake with tears.
Oh holy angel who guides us through we thank thee
The days seem so soft like the clouds you walk upon we ask once more for you help.
These children start with bloody screams please end there pain and sing them into an eternal slumber.
We thank thee oh holy angle

1/ 18/ 13

A Dance with mother wind

As he who gldes with true wind at his wing he knew nothing would/could stop him.
She who grants him with true heart and true soul lend his way to mother wind.
So sure of himself he danced with no regret with mother.
Leading beautifully he gave mother wind new grace and elegance.
Our mother granted him her power over element east.