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Stories and books
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Zday part 1
We had no idea what we were in store for that day......

Current date 2-22-13.

Steven Frelly

The begining of this whole death and then rise era had started on the fatefull day of 9-14-12. A man found an underground bunker. Or what he thought was an underground bunker. He was tempted to actually open the sealed door. It was a code lock. That wasn't a problem for the man was a master hacker. The reason why he hadn't opened that door was he found dry blood that had seemed to have seeped down from a crack. this in turn scared the man who ran off calling the police. For some reason instead of the police, the military had come. And they forced the door open. From there We have no idea what happened, but what happened about an hour after whatever happened in the bunker, something had gotten out. Our school only about a mile away, someone or something moved liflessly towards the school. Then it reached the door...

Zday - 1

I had been laying asleep as I normally did under the trees of the school grounds since it was lunch time. It was a normal day, but to me something felt off. "Steven! Hey man wake up, class is about to start, get up or you'll be late." John Proly, my best friend. He was about an inch shorter then I at being 5 '12. Dark brown hair, mid length. Normally seen with headphones on and blasting out to music. Browen eyes, and pretty skinny for his age of 16. "Come on get up." He shook me awake. I sat up yawning. "Yeah yeah I know." I stood up. "I'll meet you in class. I'ma run to the bathroom." I said running towards the bathroom. Once in I checked my self in the mirror. My blue eyes seemed to be a bit darker today, normaly they are aky blue but now they seem like the ocean. My blonde hair hung over my eyes. My "snake bite" So they are called, was a bit crocked so I fixed that. My pale skin a bit paller today. My blue hooide hung down to my thighs, and the sleeves covered my hands. My loose fit jeans baggy at my ancles. My black and blue skate shoes a bit beat up from last nights freerun-follow the leader game with John. I yawned softly scratching at my tattoo on my back spelling out "LEGEND" across the shoulders. The bell soon rang to start class and I sighed knowing Miss Cherry was going to chew me out for being late. I didn't mind since she was the hottiest techer in the school. 25 years old, about 5 '9, brown hair, brown eyes, glasses. He hair was at her mid back. Mostlay wore skirts and womens dress shirts. She was classy but had a tint of tom boy in her. I leaned against the wall sighing. All of the sudden the speakers came to life with the Head Master speaking, he seemed to be scared, out of breath, and hurt from the sound of his voice. "A-ALL STUDENTS AND TEACHERS! ATTENION! ALL STUDENTS AND TEACHERS, YOU MUST FLEE FROM THIS SCHOOL! WE ARE BEING OVER RUN BY-----" *Growel choke stumble* "Oh no.... NO!!! AHHHH!" *erie sounmd of a crunch noise along with what sounds like something liquid fall to the floor befor ethe speaker went off. At first nothing happened.... But then the halls were filled with screams, students and teachers running down the hallways. "What the hell?" I ran to the bathroom door and opened to see the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.... Students running down the hallway. And followed by what looked like students covered in blood, some had meat in their mouths. The ones covered in blood pounced on the others and started chewing off their faces, eyeballs and everything. I had to try my best to not hurl. And then even more bad news. One saw me. It moved with such speed that it was hard to follow it. It moved strait for me and I side stepped as it flew into the bathroom and I started sprinting down tha hall towards the exit. Students and teachers being eatin alive left and right, the whole time I'm runing to make sure not be taken down, and the whole time trying not to puke my own guts out.... This was the start of it... This was the start of the living deads time.

(20 views and I'll post part 2.)

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