The DQ blizzard flavor of the month is pumpkin pie. *cries* That's my favorite. I must got get one soon. (actually, got a by-one-get-one coupon.. i could get a mini and a free mini.. and eat them BOTH *dances* oh wait the printer is out of ink. gonk )

My cousin just had the funniest status, "Watching a show on hauntings.i wish my house was haunted by maids and cooks with unfinished business yaknow."

Bella wasn't eating this morning. She ate yesterday but didn't eat much kibble. No big deal, since mom had spoiled her by giving her bread and a tortilla chip, and she had green pepper and her soft food in the morning. So today I put her soft food on top of the kibble to see if I could coax her into eating it. Nope. She wouldn't touch any food. Okay, It's 7:30am, maybe in a couple hours she'll be hungrier and will eat. So we went back to bed. 11am. Not eating. Hmm. Try a few things. Nope. So I thought and said, "What if I sit down beside her food?" So I did. I sat right there next to the dishes. A minute later she got up, and started eating. xd
What a dog!

Edit: By the way, if you think about it, pray for my mom. She's sick. She's really miserable. Like ridiculously miserable. It makes her very cranky.