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Few days later....

Mira laughed evilly as she saw Ice working not even healed, she doesn't even care that Val is staring intently in horror " you're quite demented Mira." Val says, " Yes i know do not point out the obvious Valiant it aggravates me." she says snidely , leaning over " Does it remind you of some one my friend." and Mira grins letting her fangs pull through her gums " blood sickness..." Val murmurs makings Mira laugh loudly having it echo across the hall and everyone stares at her and she smiles widely and they all jump back in a wave making a thunderous clap at the site of her.

" Lets go." Val says pulling her off her chair and pushing through the murmuring crowd. Mira laughs " When one says go anther says stop, we are opposites between blood and soul." "Shut it" Val says and picks her up holding her knees and bracing her back snapping out his fiery pixie wings- he is very ashamed of- and bolting out of there.

chapter 3

" Valiant set me down right now!" Mira screams but he doesnt even look down and keeps flying " Please you don't understand just let me down!" Mira screams again " Let me down please!!" and she begins to sob pressing her head into his chest letting her tears soak his dress shirt,clawing her fingers into his shirt her heart rate is terribly fast. She is scared, no terrified her face is pale and her