hey. you got lucky with this entry; this is where the REAL function of a diary comes into play.

wanna know a secret?


Over the course of my internship at a newspaper a couple summers ago, I discovered that there was a reason I was shying away from writing articles. Even the process of thinking about going about it was difficult. I just don't have the lingo down.

That's not to say I can't do it. I think my articles are halfway decent... I just don't enjoy it. razz

There's a sad irony in that.

... really sad.

in any case, just spent an hour or so derping around in the music building. I like playing songs by ear, so that's exactly what I did. didn't practice what I should've, but when sanity is in question, I go for the thing that will stabilize it.

*sigh* nyyyyyyyyyyyaaa.

econ test tomorrow morning.

oh humanity.

was the second one done with the PR test this morning. Kind of unnerving, but I'm kind of known for fast test-taking haha.

school just doesn't seem like such a big deal right now.

that's really really scary that I'm thinking like that.

did a half-assed job on this speech story, and econ isn't going to get more love than I can give it in my current state.

so. tomorrow after the test, have another class (should go fast...?) and then gonna do some work. lesson at 2, radio (YAY FIRST REGULAR WEEKDAY SHIFT OF THE YEAR!) at 3.

Becca heard me on the radio!!! whee I was flipping out when she texted me this morning asking if I was on the radio last night... ahaha. She's such a good role model and woman of God; I absolutely hate it whenever I disappoint her.

and get kind of jealous that she went to see three girls from NW and not me..
then again, she barely knew me. haha.

so, sadness there.

stupid fish is getting more black spots. and trying to eat his poop. O.e;;

otherwise he's acting halfway normal, so it's all good.

.... brain has died.