So yesterday, I came up with a bad cold. Canada's weather is, I have to admit, freaking cold. sweatdrop

What's more, it's only Fall. cry

Don't get me wrong though. I like Fall. My birthday is in Fall. Speaking of which, my birthday is this Saturday!! I'll be a year older. 4laugh

Anyways, I WAS going to write an entry yesterday, but I had this insane headache. I even had to sleep to stop the pain. Believe me, it hurt. crying It's been a while since I've had a headache so bad.

Today though, I woke up with the same headache. Thanks to my friend, I got through the day okay.

And Aurora, if you're reading this, thanks for the Advil. LOL, I didn't know people carried around pills. You're just like a drug dealer now. blaugh

So yesterday, during lunch and before I got sick, we went to the river. At lunch breaks, my school allows grade 7+ to leave school grounds. We have to be back before the bell rings. A single late could take away your privilege. It's serious stuff, lunchtime breaks. neutral

'Kay so anyways, here I am at the river. Oh, and by the way, our school is maybe a block or two away from a river, so it's really convenient if you like going to rivers... yeah.

ANYWAY, dang. I get distracted too much. Well, sometimes I do like to write a little more, to you know, make the entry a little longer and whatnot.

HERE I AM AT THE RIVER, this was lunchtime, btw.

My friend says, "Hey, let's skip stones."
Me: "Um.. Sure!"

I have NEVER EVER EVER in my whole entire life been able to skip stones across the water. However, yesterday, after watching my friend do it, I tried, and quite surprisingly, succeeded.

So here I was, basically freaking out about how I was able to suddenly skip stones. mrgreen

I mean, I can't even explain my excitement. It was just... I don't know. I felt so awesome.

So I skipped a stone, and another, and another. I tried about 20 times maybe, succeeding 13 times, I think. Yeah, I counted, but I forgot. xp

And today, despite my ill condition, I was also able to skip stones. 3nodding

I mean, woah. How was I suddenly able to do it?

I'm so proud of myself. Good job, Lucia! Thaaaanks. 4laugh

So yeah.

*sniffles, sniffles*

Oh be quiet, nose.



Well anyways, I think I'll go shower now. Thanks for reading, and goodnight it it's night where you are. biggrin

You see, I usually write my entries at night, so I feel obligated to say goodnight. Regardless, I'll have no way of knowing what time of day this entry would be read, so... well, yeah. Until next time, then! wink