Million years ago in China, there was once a legendary KongFu Master named Ming Oiu Sol . KongFu which was known as Chinese Martial Arts was something that was taught to every young boy in China back in those days. Ming was known as a village protector because he used his KongFu skills to fight away bullies that tried to invade his village. The great king of China became interested in Ming because of his highly-trained KongFu. He sent his assistant to invite Ming to his empire to work for him. A herd of royal horses gallop into the village at late night.
Lydia, Ming's daughter was woken up by some noises outside her tent. She woke Ming up and they went out to see what was going on outside. When they stepped out of their tents, they realized everyone had woke up and stood facing the herd of royal horses. The royal assistant of the king announced in a loud voice that Ming had been invited to work for the King. There was no cheering because it was not pleasant news to the Villagers. Everyone knows how evil the king was and working for him could lead to a life like a puppet. Ming stepped out from the crowd and rejected the offer. Everyone was in silence because no one in history had ever dared to reject the King's offer. Ming explained that the villagers had been really nice to him and he have to stay faithful to them which is the only way of showing gratitude. The assistant warned Ming for the consequences for rejection. Ming smiled and said he would not be threatened. The assistant said "Fine, if you insist". While he was leaving with his men, he gave a deadly glare to Ming.
The next day, Ming went out with his friends to hunt for food as usual. After a few hrs, he went back to his tent happily because he wanted to tell Lydia there will be deer for dinner tonight. To his horror, Lydia was missing. He rushed out to ask the villagers where she went. The villagers kept quiet for awhile and one of them said in a low voice "The royal guards took her". Ming was furious, Lydia was his own kin and he can't let anything happen to her. Suddenly, there was this red light glowing on his forehead and wings appeared on his arms. His eyes were burning red with fiery while his body started to float in mid-eye. The villagers were abit frightened because they had never seen Ming in such a form. The hatred had unleashed the inner devil in Ming.