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8/25, Thursday

You: (We'll be practicing making monjayaki this afternoon? It seemed like Sengoku-senpai was pretty confident.)

There's a scene with Sengoku and Momo in the plaza if you feel like watching... I don't. Shiraishi is at the booth space.

You: Shiraishi-san, you're continuing from yesteday, aren't you?
Shiraishi: Oh, you came. How's your knee?
You: There's a large adhesive pad on it, but it doesn't hurt at all. I can help out.
Shiraishi: Really? Thanks. Hey, I'm counting on you.
You: Yes.

Shiraishi: Okay, right around here.
You: I see, the unsteadiness is gone now.
Shiraishi: Thanks for helping me.
You: It's my job.
Shiraishi: Hm?
You: What is it?
Shiraishi: I don't like the look of those clouds...... it looks like it'll rain.
You: Ah, now that you mention it, it's gotten pretty dark......
You: Wah!? It's raining!
Shiraishi: That was sudden. And it's pretty heavy. Let's go inside the stall.

Shiraishi: Wow...... it's still falling pretty heavily.
You: It's good that it started after we finished working.
Shiraishi: That's true. Hoshino-san, it's because you helped out.
You: I'm glad I could be of some use.
You: Ah, the sky over there looks a bit clearer......
You: Kyaa!?
[THUNDERCLAP. suddenly: Shiraishi's face is close.]
Shiraishi: Whoa! Are you okay?
You: W-was that thunder, just now......
Shiraishi: Yeah, it was pretty close by......
You: That scared me......
Shiraishi: ......hey, what shampoo do you use?
You: Eh?
You: Ah!?
You: I-I-I-I'm sorry!!

Shiraishi: .....too bad.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Ah, no, it's nothing.
You: Ah, it looks like it stopped.

Shiraishi: It was really just a shower.
You: That's true.
Shiraishi: Come on, let's clean up and finish up.
You: Yes.

[+2.5 hearts]

Afternoon (including complete second set of conversation topics)
You: (Report done~ Um, next is......)
You: (Practice making monjayaki! I should do my best!)

Sengoku: All right, everyone pay attention. I'll show you how to fry monjayaki now.
Akutsu: Wait a second.
Akutsu: Monja is something the customer makes themselves.
Akutsu: Why do we have to be taught something like that by you?
Sengoku: Well, there might be people who don't know how to fry it right? Like Shiraishi-kun.
Sengoku: We need to be able to teach those people, so we also need to know how to do it.
Akutsu: Che, even if you don't tell us, I already know how. Leave me out.
Taichi: Ah, Akutsu-senpai! Please wait!
Sengoku: Hmmm, if you say you know how, then of course you must be able to fry them well. Even better than me.
Sengoku: Or do you not have enough confidence?
Akutsu: ......what was that?
Sengoku; You shouldn't hide it. Monja is a bit of a pain.
Akutsu: Interesting...... you're telling me there's something I can't do.
You: (Ah...... somehow it's gotten dangerous......)
Shiraishi: It's all right. Sengoku-kun is better than anyone at manipulating Akutsu-kun like that.
Sengoku: Then shall we begin? The ingredients are already prepared, so the flavor changes with how it's fried.
Akutsu: Hmph...... just watch.
Shiraishi: ......these are the ingredients? They don't look very good......
Sengoku: Arara...... Akutsu, you just put it all in at once.
Akutsu: You're annoying! Shut up and watch.
Taichi: Ah...... Sengoku-senpai only kept out the salt.
Akutsu: Che, you!
Taichi: Ah, Akutsu-senpai! It's overflowing!
Akutsu: Shut up! When this happens! You do!
Sengoku: Heeh...... you're pretty good at making quick decisions.
Shiraishi: It looks like you're doing it your own way. You don't have a good grasp of the basics.
Akutsu: Che...... it's not solidifying.
Sengoku: it takes a little while for monja to solidify. Do your best.
Akutsu: Shut up!
Taichi: Huh, what are you doing, Sengoku-senpai?
Sengoku: Huh? Do you not know, Dan-kun? If you do this with monja, you can make a hole in it like a donut.
Taichi: Heeeh...... I kind of remember making some like that and eating it.
Sengoku: And then, in the middle of the donut, you put in the salt that was left from before.
Taichi: Ah, if you do that it doesn't overflow. That's amazing.
Sengoku: No, even if you admire it...... isn't this how you normally make monja?
You: Ah, yes. I do that too.
Shiraishi: Hmm, so that's how it is.
Akutsu: Che, what's so interesting about being told by other people?
Akutsu: It's fine as long as you can eat it. Mine's done.
Taichi: Uwah, that was fast, Akutsu-senpai. Can I try it?
Akutsu: Do what you want.
Taichi:! It's delicious!
Shiraishi: Okay, me too...... heeh, it's pretty good.
Akutsu: Did you hear that, Sengoku?
Sengoku: Don't rush, don't rush. This one will be done soon too. All right...... mix it without stopping!
Minami: Heeh...... you're pretty good with your hands.
Sengoku: Okay, it's done. Now all that's left is to split it with the "hagashi" and eat it.
Taichi: "Hagashi"? Ah, is that this small spatula?
Sengoku: Dan-kun, try eating some.
Taichi: Ah, okay. Um......
Sengoku: Ah, don't do it like that. Use the hagashi to lightly press the part you cut off on the teppan.
Taichi: Oh, okay. Like this?
Sengoku: Right. And then eat it.
Taichi: Ah, it stuck to the hagashi. It's easy to eat. Mm......
Sengoku: How is it?
Taichi: I...... it's delicious!! A lot more than the other one...... ah.
Akutsu: ......che.
Sengoku: You try too, Shiraishi-kun.
Shiraishi: Like this?
Shiraishi: ......heeeh, it's true. The taste is different. This one is better.
Sengoku: This is the real way to make monja. Remember it.

Shiraishi is at the plaza. We are moving on to the second affection level, so new answers! Also, for me this is the day he asked for my phone number, so that's at the end.

You: Good work, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Ah, Hoshino-san? You too, good work.
You: There was something I wanted to ask you......

1. About the school festival
You: Shiraishi-san, it must be hard on you, suddenly having to participate.
Shiraishi: That's true...... but it's fun, so it's okay.
You: Now that you mention it, you became friends with everyone quickly.
Shiraishi: Because we knew each other before. And that's also my specialty.
You: That's good.
Shiraishi: You're also pretty good at fitting in.
You: If that's the case, then I'm happy.
Shiraishi: It's because you try your best. It's refreshing.
You: Thank you very much.

[+1 heart]

2. About homework
You: What's Shitenhouji Chuu's homework like?
Shiraishi: I think it's pretty normal.
You: Ah, really? Well, I guess that's true.
Shiraishi: Yeah, things like coming up with manzai material, and remembering rakugo speeches, that sort of normal homework.
You: Eh? T-that's...... normal?
Shiraishi: That's right. You don't do that?
You: I haven't heard of it before.
Shiraishi: Huh, it's a lot different, your middle school.
You: (Eh? It's ours that's weird?)

[+0.5 hearts]

3. About the weather
You: It's hot today too.
Shiraishi: That's true. If August is this hot, December must be pretty nice.
Shiraishi: really don't have any talent as a tsukkomi.
You: Eh? Eh? I was supposed to retort just now?
Shiraishi: That's right. If you rejected it just now, like......
Shiraishi: Right, right, if it's 35 degrees now, it'll go over 40......
Shiraishi: ...wait, what's that supposed to mean!
Shiraishi: Something like that.
You: Ha, haa......
Shiraishi: Okay, let's try one more time.
Shiraishi: That's true. If August is this hot, December must be pretty nice.
You: U-um......
You: It's 35 degrees right now, then it'll be over 40......
You: ...wait, what's that supposed to mean!
Shiraishi: Too awkward. One kokeshi.*
You: (Uuu...... it's really embarrassing......)

[+0.5 hearts]

*Pretty sure this refers to Osamu's habit of randomly handing out kokeshi dolls as gifts to his team.

4. About friends
You: Have you made friends with anyone since you came here?
Shiraishi: Let's see...... I get along well with everyone from Yamabuki Chuu.
Shiraishi: Well, except Akutsu-kun is like that.
You: That's because Akutsu-senpai is a shy person.
Shiraishi: If you think that's shyness, you must have nerves of steel.
You: He's not a bad person.
Shiraishi: Well, I can tell that much. But there are a lot of times when he acts on his own and causes trouble.
You: That's when Minami-senpai and Sengoku-senpai go easy on him.
Shiraishi: That's true. Dan-kun is also surprisingly good at overseeing.
You: Shiraishi-san, you really do understand everyone in Yamabuki well.
Shiraishi: And then I've come to learn a lot of things about you.
You: Eh? About me?
Shiraishi: Yeah, you do your best at a lot of things. Like looking things up and preparing stuff beforehand. It's perfect.
You: T-thank you very much.
Shiraishi: It's pretty nice.

[+1.5 hearts]

5. About dreams
You: Shiraishi-san, your dream must be to win Nationals, right?
Shiraishi: It is. Last year we were in the best four, and we're aiming for that this year too.
You: Our tennis club is also takin part in the National Tournament, so it won't be that easy.
Shiraishi: Yamabuki......? It's true that you're strong, but Akutsu-kun isn't playing, right?
You: It's too bad, but it seems that way.
Shiraishi: Are you going to watch the National Tournament?
You: I am. I've met a lot of people from the tennis clubs at this school festival, so I probably will.
Shiraishi: Hey, so if I have a match against someone from Yamabuki, who will you cheer for?
You: That would be...... both of you.
Shiraishi: Too bad, it's not just me.
You: ......that's kind of a mean question.
Shiraishi: Haha, sorry, sorry. Well, if you're cheerin for me, I have to do my best.
You: Yes, I'll look forward to it.

[+1 heart]

6. About tennis
You: Shitenhouji's tennis club is strong, isn't it?
Shiraishi: Of course. It's because we hand-picked each member.
You: I know Shiraishi-san and Chitose-san and Tooyama-kun, but what kinds of people are the others?
Shiraishi: Let's see...... there's a guy called Oshitari in Hyoutei, right?
You: Um......
Shiraishi: A guy who wears glasses and speaks Kansai-ben.
You: Ah, yes. I've spoken to him once before.
Shiraishi: His cousin is on the team. And do you know Fudomine's Ishida?
You: Um...... A big guy who wears a bandanna on his head?
Shiraishi: Right, right. We have his older brother.
You: seems like you have a lot of relatives.
Shiraishi: That might be so, but it's easy to get to know a lot of them at this school festival.
You: I see.

[+1 heart]

7. About books
You: Shiraishi-san, do you read manga?
Shiraishi: Right...... it's not as much as Kin-chan, but I read it sometimes.
You: Tooyama-kun likes manga?
Shiraishi: He reads a lot. It's affected him a lot.
You: Affected?
Shiraishi: Things like special moves in manga, he can mimic them immediately.
You: Fufu, he's like a child.
Shiraishi: You know, that's not something to laugh about.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Well, things like throwing energy, that's impossible, but......
Shiraishi: It might be because he has too much energy, but there are some things he's really done before.
You: F-for example?
Shiraishi: Before, he made a racket like a log and named it "Kajiki."
You: Ah, a...... log?
Shiraishi: When he waved that thing around, the net and the umpire were blown away.
You: T-that's really a bit......
Shiraishi: Well, I also make use of that side of him.

[+1 heart]

8. About music
You: Shiraishi-san, do you like music?
Shiraishi: Let's see, I listen to it a lot when I want to concentrate.
You: What genre? Like classical music?
Shiraishi: No, trance music.
You: By trance, you mean...... music that goes like "bowaan, howaan, gunyuu"...... [yeah not even gonna try that]
Shiraishi: You have an interesting way of looking at it. Even within trance music there are a lot of genres.
You: Really?
Shiraishi: Are you interested?
You: I've heard it before, but somehow...... it made me sleepy.
Shiraishi: Well, it is called trance music because you enter into a trance-like state.
You: Ah, I see.
Shiraishi: It's good for when you want to concentrate. I recommend it.

[+1 heart]

9. About games [same as before]
You: Shiraishi-san, do you play any games?
Shiraishi: Games? I don't really play video games that much......
You: Really?
Shiraishi: I did when I was younger, though.

[+0.5 hearts]

10. About fashion
You: Shiraishi-san, you take good care of your appearance, don't you?
Shiraishi: Really? I think it's normal.
You: A lot of the boys in our class are slobs.
Shiraishi: It's because I have an older and a younger sister. They're really annoying about being fashionable.
You: Ah, you have older and younger sisters?
Shiraishi: More than being fashionable, I like the natural look.
You: I see.

[+1.5 hearts]

11. About food
You: I was given a handout by the steering committee. Um...... was it...... this?
Shiraishi: Hm? Do you have bad eyes?
You: Eh? They're not really that bad.
Shiraishi: Even so, you're grimacing and staring at the handout.
You: Ah...... it's just that I've had a lot of work lately where I'm looking at a computer monitor, so my eyes are tired.
Shiraishi: Ah, I see. Here, I'll give you something nice.
Shiraishi: Here.
You: Eh? Ah, this is, a a supplement..... is it?
Shiraishi: Right. It's good for tired eyes.
You: Thank you very much.

[+0.5 hearts]

12. About love
You: Shiraishi-san, you seem pretty popular.
Shiraishi: Hmm...... I guess it looks that way.
You: Eh? Are you not?
Shiraishi: It might be a lie to say I'm not, but...... I don't really think about it that much.
You: Really?
Shiraishi: You know, I hate it when women try to pick up men.
You: Eh? Really?
Shiraishi: That's how it is. So even if you say it like that, it doesn't really make me happy.
You: Ah...... I'm sorry.
Shiraishi: Ah, you don't have to apologize.
Shiraishi: (Well, but hearing it from you made me a bit happy.)
You: ? Um, did you say something?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's nothing.

[+0.5 hearts]

If you choose a conversation topic you've picked before, you get the same excuse and running away as at the previous affection level.

Shiraishi: Oh, that's right.
You: Eh? What is it?
Shiraishi: You have a cell phone, right?
You: Yes, I do.
Shiraishi: Will you give me your number? It seems like there are a lot of things I need to contact you about.

Yes, it's fine.
Sorry, that's a little......

First choice:
You: Yes, it's fine. Um......

Shiraishi: Okay, added. Hey, if anything happens, I'll tell you.
You: Yes, I understand.

Second choice:
You: Sorry, that's a little...... my parents told me that I shouldn't give it to people that easily......
Shiraishi: I see. Well, I guess it can't be helped.
You: I'm sorry.
Shiraishi: Don't worry about it. It's fine.
You: Ah, yes.

[-1.5 hearts]

Evening + Night
Shiraishi is in the main building. Choose any conversation topic~ I got a different starter this time, so!

You: Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Hm? Ah, Hoshino-san? Did something happen?
You: No, it's not a big deal, but can I have a moment?
Shiraishi: Ah, I don't really mind.
You: Um......

If you run into him on the way out:

You: Ah, Shiraishi-san. Are you going back now?
Shiraishi: Yeah, I am.

Do you want to go back to the station together?

First choice:
You: U-um...... if it's all right, do you want to go back to the station together?
Shiraishi: Sorry. There's somewhere I have to go. Maybe next time.

Second choice:
You: Goodbye.
Shiraishi: Yeah, bye.

You: (Sengoku-senpai's way of making monja was amazing......)

8/26, Friday

You: (Monjayaki, huh...... ah, that's right. It has almost all the same ingredients, so wouldn't we be able to make "that"......)

Things to see:
Shiraishi, plaza, Old Maid minigame. Note that you can get a doll for getting anything but last place.
Sengoku is having a Conversation with Tezuka in the main building. I ignored him because I'm not playing Sengoku route.

You: Huh? Shiraishi-san, what are you doing?
Shiraishi: Ah, (Hoshino-san).
You: Are you going somewhere?
Shiraishi: To the meeting room.
Shiraishi: I thought I would take a little break and play cards with Kin-chan and Chitose.
Shiraishi: That's right, do you want to play too?


First choice:
You: Cards? Yes, I want to play too.
Shiraishi: Oh, that's good.
You: Ah, but I only know how to play Old Maid.
Shiraishi: Then let's play Old Maid.

Shiraishi: All right, let's have a match, Kin-chan!
Kintarou: Yay, a match, a match! Ah, but don't use poison on me.

End game, Shiraishi first and you second:
Shiraishi: Mmm, ecstasy!
Kintarou: Argh! Let's have another match!

Shiraishi: Well done!

End game, Shiraishi first and you third:
Shiraishi: Haha, I'm growing to like you more.

Shiraishi: We should get back to the preparations soon. That's all for today.
You: It was fun. Thank you very much.
Shiraishi: Then I'll see you later.

Second choice:
You: Now isn't really......
Shiraishi: I see.

You: (We have a meeting to decide on the monjayaki menu...... all right, I'll try suggesting that.)

Sengoku; Ehh, all right, we'll start the first meeting to decide on the monjayaki menu.
Taichi: Um...... Akutsu-senpai isn't here.
Minami: Like always. Don't worry about it anymore.
Taichi: But......
Akutsu: You called?
Taichi: Ah, Akutsu-senpai! You came!
Akutsu: I just felt like it. Don't let it get to your head.
Shiraishi: Heeh...... it seems like Akutsu-kun is getting into it too.
Akutsu: ......hmph.
Sengoku: Well, that's everyone. So for the monjayaki menu, does anyone have any good ideas?
Taichi: I like them with cheese.
Sengoku: Yeah, that's good. Anything else?
You: Um...... it's a bit removed from the main point, but can I suggest something?
Sengoku: It's fine. What is it?
You: Instead of just focusing on monjayaki, wouldn't it be good to also put other things on the menu?
Minami: Other things? Like what?
You: Okonomiyaki.
Sengoku: Ah, that's right. That might be good. I also like okonomiyaki.
Shiraishi: It's a good idea, right? I'm also in favor of it.
You: It's just...... they say properly making and frying okonomiyaki is pretty hard.
Sengoku: Now that you mention it, I haven't fried okonomiyaki myself either.
You: So we'd have to practice.
Akutsu: Practice? We don't have to do anything like that.
Taichi: Akutsu-senpai, can you fry okonomiyaki?
Akutsu: Of course. It's different from when I did the monja.
Sengoku: All right, so next time, Akutsu-senpai will show us how to make okonomiyaki.
Akutsu: What the hell?
Sengoku: It's because we don't have anyone else who can fry it.
Taichi: Please, Akutsu-senpai.
Akutsu: Che...... why do I have to?
Shiraishi: Wait a second. Are you forgetting about me?
Sengoku: Ah, can it be that you can fry okonomiyaki, Shiraishi-kun?
Shiraishi: Nn, of course. I can fry it perfectly.
Akutsu: In that case, make him do it. Leave me out of it.
Shiraishi: That won't do, Akutsu-kun.
Akutsu: What's that?
Shiraishi: This is a match, an okonomiyaki showdown! We'll decide whose okonomiyaki is the real thing, mine or Akutsu-kun's.
Akutsu: A match...... I see. That's fine, I accept your challenge.
Shiraishi: All right, it's decided.
Sengoku: Shiraishi-kun's also good at stringing people along~
Minami: I'm a little nervous, but...... I guess it's fine.
Minami: (Hoshino-san.) Please add the necessary ingredients for okonomiyaki to the list.
You: Understood.


Things to see:
Yanagi, main building, random scene about Rikkai's sweets booth. It's actually a snippet from the Rikkai routes, just with an added thought from you at the beginning and end.

Everyone is in the plaza, seriously. This is actually really unfortunate because Shiraishi gets jealous and his affection drops if you talk to someone in the same area, and GakuPuri doesn't have an option to automatically advance to next timeslot. Both Dan and Shiraishi have "see" events. Dan's is an actual cutscene, while Shiraishi and Sengoku have a vocal unit meeting.

You: (Ah, are Senpai and the others practicing singing?)
Shiraishi: Mmm, ecstasy!
Fuji: ......doesn't that seem pretty good?
Saeki: That's true. We've managed to get the firmness right, and it seems like we can do it like this.
Shishido: Well, it isn't bad.
Sengoku: Hey, hey, you're still stiff~ Relax, relax.
Saeki: Well then, let's start again from the top.
Shishido: Sorry, let me have a bit of a break. Going continuously like this has got me tired, after all.
Shiraishi: What's that, aren't you undisciplined? I can keep going.
Shishido: Shiraishi, you're tougher than I thought.
Shiraishi: Of course.
Fuji: Well, the situation's different from tennis.
Sengoku: Anyway, we've got better rapport than I thought.
Shishido: Yeah, we're able to react to each other well.
Fuji: Haha...... even you have your good points.
Shishido: Even if you flatter me, nothing will come out of it.
Sengoku: Okay, break's over, let's get back to practice.
Shishido: Oi oi, that was short.
You: (It seems like Senpai and the others are doing well.)

Conversation topic: About the unit GET!!

You can talk to Shiraishi afterward but can't use the new topic yet~ and then cry when his affection drops because you have to talk to someone in the same area.

Evening + Night
Once again, everyone is literally all standing next to each other in the booth space. What.

Shiraishi: Oh, (Hoshino-san). You came at a good time.
You: Eh? What is it?
Shiraishi: I'm going to buy things now; do you want to go together?

Yes, it's fine.
Sorry, I'm busy right now......

First choice:
You: Yes, it's fine.
Shiraishi: All right, then shall we go?
You: So what are we going to buy?
Shiraishi: The okonomiyaki ingredients to prepare for tomorrow's okonomiyaki showdown.
You: Ah, do we not have enough with what's already ready?
Shiraishi: No, it's about enough, but I really want to use ingredients that I've picked myself.
You; You're very particular, aren't you?
Shiraishi: By the way, (Hoshino-san). Can you tell me about any shops around here that sell those things?
You: Ah, that's right. You aren't familiar with this area, Shiraishi-san.
You: All right. Well then, what do you want to look for first?
Shiraishi: Let's see...... first is the cabbage.
You: In that case, there's a nearby grocer that gets its stock directly from a local farm.
Shiraishi: All right, we'll start from there.

You: This is everything, right?
Shiraishi: Yeah, this is enough. (Hoshino-san,) thank you for telling me about the good places.
You: No, it's because I'm a member of the steering committee.
Shiraishi: Ah, the stuff you're carrying is heavy, right? I'll take it for you.
You: Eh? But Shiraishi-san, you're already carrying enough......
Shiraishi: What are you saying? It's a man's job to carry things.
You: Ah, thank you very much.
Shiraishi: By the way.
You: Ah, yes. What is it?
Shiraishi: I thought this while we were making the monjayaki, but isn't the flame on the gas stove a bit weak?
You: Eh? Is it?
Shiraishi: We added okonomiyaki to the menu at today's meeting, right?
Shiraishi: For okonomiyaki, it's better to have the flame a bit higher.
You: I see...... in that case, I'll prepare it as soon as we get back.
Shiraishi: You'll do that for me?
You: Yes. Ah, I just remembered since you mentioned the stove flame, but what will we do for the teppan?
Shiraishi: Teppan?
You: I looked it up so I know a little, but it seems like it's better to have a thick teppan for monja and okonomiyaki.
Shiraishi: Ah, now that you mention it, I think I've heard something like that.
You: They're expensive, but since we're leaving the preparation cost out of our budget, it's all right to use it for that, right?
Shiraishi: That's true; can you do that?
You: Understood. It's just, because I'll be ordering them now, I think they'll probably arrive around tomorrow evening, so......
You: They might not make it in time for tomorrow's okonomiyaki practice.
Shiraishi: I don't really mind. It's fine as long as they make it in time for the day of the school festival.
You: All right, when we get back, I'll make the arrangements for the gas and the teppan.
Shiraishi: Ah, we'll be counting on you. In any case...... (Hoshino-san,), you're pretty perceptive.
You: It's normal. I'm just doing what I need to do as a steering committee member.
Shiraishi: You're modest. Well, we'll be counting on you from now on too.
You: Yes!

[+2.5 hearts]

Second choice:
You: Sorry, I'm busy right now......
Shiraishi: Ah, really. Sorry for getting in your way. Bye.

[-2.5 hearts]

You: (Akutsu-senpai is also kind of helping out...... it's a good feeling.)