the haunting a fake story by savannah
it all went down last tuesday when we had to move,our house was getting old and it was time to start over.we moved from new york to a geto town in was samll boring and all run down,defintaly a hole in the wall.there were lots of strays,homless people,and thugs.i new already i didnt like it.but if i thought the town was ugly and geto.wait till i saw the mom said it just needs some love.and i thought that it doesnt just need love,it needs to be torn down,becuase it will take ALOT of work to put a old,ragity,geto house like this back i walked tp the porch i heard the wood squeak.but i ignored it went in the house and straight up to see the worst part it all my followed me up,i looked around and asked if she was expecting me to sleep in this room!she kissed me on my head and went to start unpacking the house.that night i had to sleep on the hard carpetless was bruotal,all i had that night was 1 single pillow and my baby sisters blanket.i heard alot of banging the night,i thought it was mom unpacking so i went to go make was either that or the house was caving i waslked down the squeky stair i saw the light in the kitchen turning off and on so i went in there and no one was i got some water and headed upstairs,when the light turned on,so i ignored it and headed to my cold ugly room.and thats when i felt a cold brease on the back of my neck,and a cold hand on my shoulder so i turned aroung nothing was behind me but a cupol of boxes.and thats when it hit me,the house was haunted!so i ran to my moms room i was 13 so all my emotions were coming out of me i cryed like i was a 1 2 &3 year old.and i had alot of energy like i was 4 5 & 6 but i ran like a 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 years old.but i didnt care.and when i told my mom that we need to leave she laughed and said ohh ur imagination.then she felt it,she looked at me got everything and everyone and we out of that old geto house andold geto town THE END