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This is what I am known as: Wynn Rh'bell
There is this many candles on my cake: 23
I be among the: Fay
I am best recognized as the: Tamer
This is what I use to defend myself: Staff and Bow
I have a special talent/ability and it is: Commune with animals or half-animal people telepathically
This is a bit more of what I am like: Wynn HATES the City of Darkness. If she had a choice, which she doesn't, she would run away to find the forests and trails that her people live in. She doesn't have much of a reputation among the hierarchy of 'evil' supernaturals of the city. Rather, she hangs about the edges of conversations and interactions, learning anything about the outside world of light.
I enjoy:
~ Oddly enough, Wynn enjoys the company of Vampires
~ Training with her bow and staff
~ Young animals, when they're even to be found in the city

I can not stand:
~ Children
~ Darkness
~ Poisons and potions

Here is a brief history about me: Wynn's was taken as a captive by one of the higher-up demon for use in her own private menagerie of 'interesting creatures'. When Wynn was born, she, too, had to be a part of the show. As she grew older, her master fell out of favor with the city's hierarchy and was forced to sell out Wynn and other servant-level people in the household to less...savory...tasks to keep up appearances for herself.
Wynn has not had a gentle life. Now as she is older, she has the illusion of choice before her: continue the life of the blood toy/ sex slave/ anything the mistress wants or rebel and be cast out to the harsh streets of the city.
Wynn, though no coward, much rather prefers the mansion to the streets. It's still safer for her than the scum who lurk ever beyond her 'home's' doors.

And for an extra treat: Wynn had a small pet bird when she was a child and her mistress was less cold-hearted. She would like one day to find another like it and considers it to be a sign from heaven if someone brought one to her.
This is who controls my strings: firelord65