HOLY CRAP! I was Inuyasha and thought to myself 'I know he is a half demon and can live longer and deal with wounds that would kill humans but....' He just wouldn't die, and I don't want him to, but how times has he been stab though the chest? eek Like really I love him but he should have died along time again.

It weird I watched a lot of Animes but I notice that don't die that easily or maybe should I say that they die not by the major things. OK lets go to Dragonball Z

Vegeta one episode Vegeta destroys a planet with one blast from space but when he goes to Earth and does his strongest attack it just makes crates in the ground..... neutral that does not add up. Also the fact that they said that Super Saiyans get stronger with each fight they are in and so....shouldn't Vegeta be able to beat the hell out of Goku then if that was the case......just saying rolleyes

Well I could go on and on about little, major, mistakes like these but lets save that for another day shall we.

Also sorry to all Dragonball Z fans and Goku fans just pointing out facts. And to all Vegeta fans hey I feel you 3nodding